Solve the problem of not included in the website and solve the strategy

now to a new station webmaster most headache problem, that is included problems. I do a friend crown web site, have done more than a month, or not been included, today I will be included in the new station for a slight analysis of the problem, I hope to optimize the SEO webmaster help.


site included questions

first of all, we first look at the new station, usually not included in which several forms of expression:

1, the entire site has not been included,

2, new home page has not been included, and the inside page has been included

3, new station without www have been included, with WWW not included,

4, new sites did not bring www home page has been included, other have brought no, have not been included,

more than four is the current most common collection of webmaster question, so in the end the site is why such a situation,



What were the causes of

, the site is not included in

first, the domain name selection problem

domain name selection is very important, in the choice must be optimistic about this domain name, before it has been used, used, have not been punished?. If the domain name has been pulled into the blacklist by the search engine, then say "over" to it. Select a domain name, must search in Baidu and Google search box, for example, you want to use domain name, then you have to do the following operations:





to see if there are traces of previous sites, here I suggest that if it exists, it is best not to use. Especially for a novice webmaster,


second, server stability

new station, for Baidu, assessment is more and more strict, especially website server stability. If you really want to do a site, then the best choice of good server space to play, or else the server stability of the site optimization is fatal. Many sites hard to keep up, but later because of server instability, lead to web site down right or by K big existence. If this causes the site to hang up, that’s not a big loss?.

third, new station template frame problem


what kind of structure conducive to spider crawling, promote included


, many novice webmaster like ready-made, and Lu Xun’s "bring >"

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