Physical electricity supplier in WeChat on some of the gameplay

this discussion of electricity providers only physical sellers in WeChat’s gameplay and some ecology.

sellers enter WeChat several common reasons:

1, listen to people say, WeChat marketing have to do, do not regret it, and then opened it.

2, run, friends sold fake goods.

3, WeChat is hours of open applications, traffic is very large, with these traffic to sell things.

4, take WeChat as a service, and promote repeat purchases.

the first kind, I’ll stop talking. The second kind is now very rampant, so there is that piece, "a friend selling luxury goods in a circle of friends every day, the first time I did not pay attention to her, the second time I did not pay attention to her, and the third time I pulled her black."".

today we’re talking about third and fourth. I think the third purposes are very simple and normal, belonging to the merchant’s consistent thinking; the fourth kind is generally the eyes of the previous merchants, need to have patience, and gradually accumulate, you can benefit, should also be more durable.

take the goods,

do Taobao train and drill exhibition, is to go goods; buy Juhuasuan pit position, is also take goods; sign up for, Jingdong group, Dangdang, poly beauty, are considered to take goods. (incomplete statistics, more than 20% of the annual sales crown level seller to pay for advertising costs, more than 30% of the sellers There are plenty of people who.


WeChat has seven hundred million users, every day is also hundreds of millions of traffic, in WeChat can also take goods.

brand, relationship, there are opportunities to find, easy fast (now Jingdong) for them in WeChat "I > my bank card; > a commodity list of specials, millions of daily flow of over one million orders. A few days ago, a friend signed up for the event. There were more than 100 single tickets on the same day, and it looked good. However, their pit is limited, the operation of limited manpower, but also in the two companies delivery integration period, docking is not so simple, we must be patient.

no more people, make a payment system to support Alipay shop, goods shelves. Then start the whole company employees and friends, speculation circle of friends. At the same time, with their own shop activities, all kinds of copywriting and pictures make attractive points. An activity can have a dozen single, and then he said to himself: "at the beginning, will certainly continue to double."". Very happy.

the two engage in law and do not need to learn and understand what is WeChat public number, what are the rules of how to play the WeChat public number, it is the flow of WeChat, by the flow of goods to go, with the number of public relations without hair.

all these goods to go the common characteristics are: the money to buy traffic or spend energy flow (fried doing cost should be about, in order to earn profits), then there is no then, this process is not the customer does not flow precipitation, precipitation, precipitation is the only "inventory".

as long as ROI is OK, there’s profit

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