What skills do you need to build your website

website is a mysterious and challenging work, each person contact things and properties are not the same, each site will have their own unique mode of operation that today let us together with an analysis of individual stationmaster operation angle and the company operating point of thinking and understanding. Whether personal webmaster or company staff, in such a sacred job, should be specific such ability. So today, let’s work out what skills are needed to build a web site, and how those skills need to be applied.

once jokingly said: "personal webmaster" ability is approximately equal to the small CEO, which allows the station are happy to, in my understanding of the webmaster said so profound because of "personal webmaster" have a versatile ability, a website, you need a variety of specific skills, the site development needs planning, domain name, space for later promotion, marketing, maintenance and so on, however, this series of work requires a person or a team, so that the workload is quite large, if you do not have the ability have all rounder, which links are able to toss half. And this kind of ability is exactly what CEO wants to know, grasp every link, and even be familiar with it. Maybe someone will ask, that "personal webmaster" ability is so strong, why not go when CEO, of course, the "personal webmaster" after all is not what a grassroots, professional training, ability and CEO has the very big difference.

"personal webmaster" very hard, why do you say so? Then we come to see "personal Adsense" in the operation of a web site is how to operate?. Build a web site, most people are without planning or not carefully consider just find a CMS or BBS program began to copy the site to establish a good knife hands, after the beginning of the increase of the content, there are many ways to increase the content of the website, some conscientiously really want to do, start looking for good each relevant article or write original articles, this website is really hard, the quality of the website is also very good, thanks to the webmaster hard.

all after forming, is to promote, everywhere traces remain just write down the content, place, have their own traces, every day began to insist on his own dream, always think one day can grow into towering trees. This is a kind of do better site, there are some so-called garbage station owners, such people will say more. Summarize the behavior of "personal webmaster" and I show it by charts. You can see it more clearly and intuitively.


"No matter what

good procedures are" personal station, is the most basic need specific HTML ability, there is the design ability, someone said I will not design, nor HTML I do not stand, not a good webmaster need to have some basic skills, awareness of copyright in the future is also more and more strong one day, the copyright is powerful, and will return to the origin.


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