What does the 5d6d forum strategic adjustment give us

the latest news, has been said to close the 5d6d territory forum finally came to an end, today officially opened a new domain name haotui.com, and announced that: the original 5d6d data migration to push free forum forum, and in the announcement that Lord needs to transfer data must comply with the provisions of the four. As my domain friends, you will continue to do? For my territory of this kind of measures, but also to webmaster friends what thinking?

‘s friends who have been in contact with 5d6d should know that my territory was the first to shut down forums, prohibit publishing news, shut down video features, and have to change domain names. Some of the subsequent announcement and so on, the entire site positioning the final revision, the new domain name on the line, this one indeed can give the webmaster friends some thoughts, the guardian sorted out, I hope everyone can give some help.

1: don’t hold a fun attitude.

We all know that

5d6d is a free forum, for most novice friends, indeed in the operation of the site can make everyone better learning, at present many of the old owners should have contact with my territory, can be said to be our teacher. And because it is a free hosting forums, so do not worry about the hardware costs of the site, but also do not worry about website security and other substantive issues. It is because of this, a lot of friends holding play attitude to do a website, in this case, the guardian just want to say, if we enter this line, so we should put this as their own work even as their own business, do not play the attitude to do, especially some amateur webmaster, I hope you can be more a bit of effort, the best full-time operating site, so you can better try to do their own websites, in order to better profit.

two: doing a website should have a complete system of rules and regulations.

no manners, no, Cheng Fangyuan, 5d6d is really big enough. According to incomplete statistics, there are about two million free forums, more than 960 thousand of the main station members. Precisely because of this huge amount of data, there are many problems in the supervision, but also a lot of illegal information. As the most popular forum A5 not the same reason, because of the hot high weight, so A5 appeared in a large number of illegal content, rubbish information in large area, which led directly to the website operation problems. As webmaster friends, after the establishment of the site must have a complete rules and regulations, and their website should have a clear positioning, what content is allowed, what content is not allowed. Content is the root of the site, so this pass must be sure, as guardian in the operation of a row of forums, has been committed to the contents of the gatekeeper, see violations content resolutely resist or even delete.

three: website profit is the foundation of website operation.

to 5d6d one move, in fact, a big reason is the profit model is unknown, after all my territory is the company "

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