n 2017 ten new board conjecture market polarization 500 companies delisted

the new board of the wolf of Wall Street existed for a long time, they often played the role of Cheng Meinv (not really beautiful), using the WeChat phone, various way of screening out those of three new knowledge, but also want to get rich investors, it is nothing more than "soon to be listed", "double profits next year." so, with the trade agreement is much higher than the actual value of the stock sold to investors.

three new board ushered in the new year.

read and Jun pinch that calculation, in 2017 the new board of fortune.

read Jun calculated, 2017 three new board on the sign whether the Tailai three new board 2016 bad fortune, but in 2017 will complete the jedi.

for 2017, read the king has ten big guess. 12 months later, you look back on the forecast is not allowed.

any similarity is purely coincidental.

conjecture 1: 51 announced liquidity package solution

liquidity, which has plagued the new board has long been a problem, will be completely resolved in 2017.

private equity market initial public offering for landing, into the city for a long time, the State Council and the Commission on the new board repeatedly mentioned, 2016, three new board improvement in the liquidity policy, is "everything is ready".

as one of the share transfer system the core of the work task, liquidity package will be launched this year, the specific time point should be around May, with the launch of this time is this year’s innovation layer.

package will include private market maker landing, bulk trading system landing, as well as public funds into the market and other policies, will be launched in 2017.

2016 three new board suffered the pain of liquidity, a total of 250 trading days, more than 80% trading day trading volume of less than $1 billion.

read Jun forecast, after the package announced, the daily turnover of more than 2 billion yuan will become a common phenomenon, single day turnover of more than $5 billion will appear.

guess two: innovation layer is bound to select the layer

the absolute number of innovative enterprises is too much.


first layered in 2016, more than 13% of enterprises into the innovation layer. Assuming April 30, 2017, three new Board reached 12000 companies, then at least 1560 innovative companies in 2017. Consider the level of innovation to maintain standards lower than the standard, companies are more familiar with the level of innovation, the number of innovative companies this year, only a lot more.

even number 1560 innovation company, but also far more than the Shanghai stock exchange to 1200 the number of listed companies, the number of nearly more than 1 thousand and 800 companies in Shenzhen stock exchange. The level of innovation is too large, when a policy is only for three new board of high quality companies, the results of the company to enjoy the policy >

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