Tencent open platform fifth how to play Tencent open platform four magic weapons

[Fifth] white paper open platform on-line! Kaiping Jun according to "2014 China Internet open platform white paper" dry cargo refining, for your detailed interpretation of Tencent social ability, cloud services, wide point and ability to pay, 10 minutes with your fun Tencent open platform four magic.

current issue:

1. magic one: Tencent socialization ability

2. magic two: Tencent cloud service

3. magic three: Tencent wide pass

4. magic four: Tencent ability to pay 1 magic weapon one: Tencent social ability

* QQ landing capability

QQ login is an open platform based access function of Tencent, through access to QQ login, users can directly use QQ account login access to the site and App, QQ and API provide login authorization, site owners or developers will help synchronize user sharing, photo album, log operation to QQ, mobile phone QQ, QQ space and micro-blog etc. platform.

social communication capability

micro download


Micro download

Tencent launched applications treasure, can meet different application scenarios to download ios/Android two system + online and offline, no matter where the user can click a key to enter the application details page download, Download activation.

red code

red code (red two-dimensional code) is the application treasure, based on the ability to download micro, combined with WeChat launched a new application of red light rebate promotion. Through the red code promotion, you can stimulate users to download applications, users download higher conversion rate, applications, so as to obtain more activation.

success stories:

China Merchants Bank "pocket life" 4-5 months to apply for red code marketing, Download volume increased.


suning.com uses red code marketing for 4-5 months, and downloads are increasing.




applications, you can realize the user in the application of micro community interaction between users. The use of available interfaces to organize users in the form of communities enhances user stickiness.

relation chain

application relational chain

access chain, the user can interact with QQ friends in the application. For non game applications, the introduction of the relational chain can greatly enhance the activity of applications, especially to increase the retention rate of new users. For game applications, a good friend’s involvement can greatly stimulate the player’s competition and show off mentality

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