Webmaster talk about moving Yi CMS version 3 6 use experience view

heard the official version 3.6 has plug-in function, this is most concerned about the webmaster of the problem, the plug-in can make the system scalability is greatly improved, and It is as expected a great chance of the birth of a number of professional selling plug-in team. PowerEasy SiteFactory released version 3.6, "time and again come out the best, from the last 3.6 CTP is 3 months away, basically every day with rice at the forum asked what time release.

fortunately, PowerEasy CMS version 3.6 in 10.1 before the release of catch up, the first time I download the Standard Version, fortunately the wait is value! In addition to the new default template, the background has many improvements, the most prominent is the plug-in support and WAP function, free standard version can do so strong, it seems easy to grassroots webmaster is still very concerned about the.

front desk uses a new template, the menu bar from the 3.5 edition of 12 simplified to 3.6 version of 8; template effect, using a blue belt metal sense design, more than 3.5 edition of pure gray template is more fashionable. The membership center is located at the top and the right. You don’t need a menu entry like the 3.5 edition. The member center’s template has also turned the pattern, moreover has supported the current popular on-line photography function and the drag module function, finally has been able to follow the trend.

background, interface changes are basically no, but the function is a lot of color. In addition to the previously mentioned plug-in and WAP functions, also supports online text mode detailed records, visitors view the Word and Excel documents, Download increase directly modify the software archive link address, special error management and so on, here is not listed, are interested in the content of the website notice.

in addition, the Internet has been circulating "easy to abandon the small user" argument, which I am not very agree with. After all, mobile is a profitable business company, and it’s impossible to put all the focus on free users. Although I also used PowerEasy free CMS station, but on PowerEasy commercial support, imagine, if a company is not for profit, no profit, can also be developed to take the time to spend the cost of a good product? From the 3.6 version, or function very powerful, easy forums and developers write functional specifications, if it is really out of small users, whether they can concentrate on the project, instead of doing the tutorial. From this, we can see that it is very important for both commercial and small owners. It may offend many people, but here is just a point of view.

finally say, can use such a powerful CMS free, as a small webmaster, but also what requirements, know how to content, know how to Thanksgiving, will make people cheerful.

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