The site code optimization is an excellent SEO personnel must know

is a high-quality website, website optimization code is very important, for a good SEO staff, although not necessary to master some simple code, but the code base is to understand understand.

if you want to become a good eye, SEO, is the need for continuous learning spirit, optimize our website on a page to the website code, to understand the code, you can add additional value to the site, which is beneficial to the spider crawl the site’s content to a higher weight.


website to make changes, sometimes need to use the code, if you will, don’t need to ask someone for help, also can see the site some code is affecting our website open speed, so that we can see if we can get rid of, improve the speed of the open web site, to achieve optimal results, then HTML how to optimize the site code, as we explain.

1, H Tag Optimization

The optimization of the website

code in the H tag is a very important part of the H tags into h1-h6 tags, H1 tags are h tags in the most important, but also gives the highest weight, because only one page in a H1 tag, H1 tags are written in the title, this is because each page of the most important, and must pay attention to a page not more than H1, can appear many times h2-h6, but it is necessary to add h2-h6 H1 website, or not to write the H tag, so I want to write a complete, do not appear to have H3, but not H1 this situation, how to understand the code don’t add h code on the website.

two and nofollow tags


Nofollow tag does not pass the weight, and the general nofollow is written on the meaningless outbound links, such as the QQ link. Micro-blog, for the transfer of weight, and when we exchange chain some people very moral, know that nofollow is not transmit weight is added to the Links code, this is equivalent to not tell the spider to grab the link, not the other web site to your site to bring the weight. Because nofollow is not transmit weight, so when we change Links we should pay attention to, can check each other site is not added nofollow. You can search the browser for the nofollow plug-in so that it can be displayed in the web site.

note: friendship link is the first link after friendship, to other people’s links to add nofollow, so who will dare to find you later exchange links,

links can not add nofollow tags, remember!

three and title tags

each site has a title tag, which is the title of the site, which can be set up in the back of the site, and spiders crawl through our website

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