Network environment your site started action

from June 1st onwards, the national restrictions on the use of plastic shopping bags, this environmentally friendly move has aroused the support of many businesses and consumers, environmental protection is the trend of the times, the Internet sector, we should have much inspiration!


"environmental protection" concept, the near end of the day also caused me a lot of reflection. Many garbage stations started small station, who inadvertently move between violated the "environmental protection" the word "


here, I have no right, and qualified to say other webmaster. I have to say some of my actions are not green enough,


1, always think of search friendship included more, in the early non-stop to collect

at the beginning of my "Cstudent women’s Web", think that as long as the number of pages, it will flow. At that time, I was given some traffic, but for a long time, I was unable to collect too many things, especially the indiscriminate collection. These things not only make the Internet garbage, but also repeat it. The ultimate effect is only one, the entire Internet community of original power to disappear. This is a terrible thing,


2, over optimized

to see someone doing TXT novel station traffic rose, jealous, I bought a novel by ADMIN5 TXT download data. Looking for the same type of site to do links, found each other’s key words with me a kind of, all are "TXT novel download"; "TXT novel free download."". Then they gave each other the word link. Professionally speaking, this is called "SEO"".

I’m a farmer. I only know if I’m a search engine, it’s enough to just need 30 such stations. Other people who don’t rank will disappear, so I don’t have any place to grow rice. It’s the same everywhere, and it doesn’t need to be at a certain degree of saturation. The next step is to make garbage.

however, stay in exchange links, see the most, there will be a new day is QQ type, and pictures of the station! Time! Before I did, the result is that TXT novels stand until now search,

has not included!

3, links to unethical, abusive behavior

always rely on some of the rubbish station PR this "cover", with some of the station to normal station chain. And became. Ranking also entered, flow also rose, money also earned. However, my "Cstudent women network professional station came emotional story tells me that blindly to the pursuit of PR, the final ranking, is leaving no flow! The pursuit and stand ideas will make you dizzy. I also met a lot of high PR station, and I want to at the time of change, I changed, I found that the ranking is really into the flow, also rose (for a time)! (those keywords do not say, so some people said I was soft. ) there are some keywords on the portal

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