Site optimization should begin with web programming

about 90% of the customers, the first consultation will always say: can you help me see why the Internet can not find our website, if you want to optimize how long it takes? How much is the cost?…… Wait a moment, some questions. So, when should the website optimization begin,


in fact, in the face of these customers first want to say is, don’t look at his website can be sure he had committed a big mistake, why? Why these customers this time to think about site optimization, why not yet design website before looking for SEO optimization personnel? Especially on the website of customers find, site procedures can also be done when I, but no professional guidance seo.

in fact, this is not the way, many web site operators are after operation for a period of time on the site, found no flow or performance will think of promotion, will consider to SEO or any other way of promotion, there is little thought in the early days of web design, the network marketing as a design or SEO design optimization. To guide the site. If the program has been done on the Internet has been operating for a long time, the major search engines have included a lot, when it was discovered that the program does not meet the optimization criteria, most of the use of table instead of div+css, blind to modify the program changes the site will certainly cause the search engine rankings change more. What is K or into the sand box.

so a good website complies with the SEO standard to get a good rankings in the search engines, you should re design website at the beginning should find a professional SEO personnel involved in the design, to participate in the structural design of the website design, website keywords, title and content writing, and the content of the website design the website article writing program and static page generation. At this point, the most bogey is the boss or other people who do not understand SEO, do not understand the program, in the side of the admixture. the first author: Li Xiaoyao reprint please keep friends website and the author of the original right, have no need to engage in this sentence, I recently wrote that machinery station Links exchange strategy reproduced by many have their name on the station that is their original was very angry!! here is to remind the other friends good article we should all be reproduced but please keep others or the original site right.

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