How do you make money from the media Do not align with the company

these two days, there is a acid media article, clamoring from the media will die, also called three times, seems to be simulated "Wang Wang Wang" rhythm. Of course, I knew it was the media’s screams, of course, he knew that from the media who are earning money is very ashamed, so I can understand yourself before the death of others also don’t live long heart mantra. But these conclusions have made a very basic error, that is, they see what they see as everything in the world.

then, let me give you some examples of how to make money from the media:

1, micro-blog large make money, millions of a year I will not say, we all know.

2, WeChat circle of friends, a girl doing Buddha brand, three or four people monthly sales of millions.

3, WeChat circle of friends, a girl to do eyelashes, two people running about two hundred thousand.

4, QQ space writer, an annual sales of about 2000000 Buddha statues.

5 and QQ space diary, is to share life, into more than one million years.

, wait, wait.

many insiders see there would have shouted, I rely on, why not tell the truth, Cheng Lingfeng, Cheng Ling Feng three hundred thousand advertising that is not what. A lot of people will shout, "how much money did you make?".

so can we make money from the media? The answer is yes. You don’t know, just because the barking dog doesn’t yell and doesn’t make money. Then you pay attention to those everyday, finally come to a conclusion, since the media don’t die, I say you are innocent or silly? 2 in three aspects is not possible, here one by one analysis, and put forward some money, and ultimately the formation of the era from the media as the milepost. Since the media make manual.

1. Why is it possible for today’s self media to succeed?

today from the media and the blog, independent station what is completely different, because today’s media is based on social tools above, and before the blog stand what is based on the above flow. Therefore, the commercialization of self media in the blog era has failed because its essence is still a media report, but this author is not on the job. Still need portal site recommendation, can bring users and traffic. If we say that the times had what media success, is to write a review, investors every day to see, later to buy their books in their group, with their operation. Relatively famous is to take the lead big brother 777, really earned money.

today, since the media has been completely out of the portal flow patterns exist, we use a variety of products of micro-blog WeChat QQ and other tools, can spread their content, in order to attract fans to follow. And micro-blog can be regarded as the 1 age from the media

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