Analyze differences between Baidu and Google optimization

optimization has been more than two years, master expert not to mention, but also done a lot of cases, accumulated some experience, today I share with you some experience under the optimized for more than two years, Baidu and Google, how to optimize? What is the difference between them


SEOer as a friend, when do Baidu optimization and Google optimization of the time will find they are different, sometimes we will find some features from Baidu sometimes like a naughty child, lively, quick temper. And sometimes very modestly learn from Google, as Google is much more mature, a bit off topic, ADO, here I share my experience:

Baidu Optimization:

1. hi new, for the new site, Baidu will give you a stage show sometime.

2. suppress SEO, optimization needs to control one degree.

3. for the old domain rankings have priority, such as a renewal of 3 years, 5 years of domain name.

4. likes originality, can see from ZAC blog.

5. is more commercial, there are artificial factors, the national conditions for it.

6. traffic also affect ranking, and this is why there are 18 hours keywords ranking first.

7. cheating, punishment more strict, such as mass some behavior.

8. hi weight outside links, buy links friends should feel.

Google Optimization:

1. persistence, Google likes "wine is vintage,"

2. outside the chain, the right mass will also have ranked

3. tolerance is more forgiving.

for GG do not have much to say, because the algorithm is more mature, good content, keep updated, perseverance, it will get its favor. For SEO, road to Jane, said too much, more analysis, eventually return to the "content is king, the user is king" good user experience, can be seen from the SEOWHY, if you do not rely on search engines are still handsome, square is king. Well, that’s all for today. Welcome to the criticism,


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