How to improve the competitiveness of local industry and improve the business model

is now the traditional industry by the impact of the financial crisis, weakness. Finding a new economic growth point is an urgent task. As a result, the traditional industry has moved into the network now popular trend, personal online shopping continues to grow, B2B, B2C type operations continue to improve, all kinds of industry portal sites continue to emerge. According to relevant data statistics, 08 years of new B2B industry website 12%, enterprise operation of the B2B industry website more than 5100, operating income of about 19 billion, employing more than 350 thousand. Industry portal has broad prospects and great potential. With the increasing number of domestic Internet users, the Internet is becoming more and more subdivided. Regional differences have created different cultural customs, and also produced different market demands. Therefore, the narrow differentiation of local industry portals has shown strong profitability and development prospects in recent years. According to statistics, 09 years of local industry portal market scale will reach 2 billion 890 million, the expansion of market scale means that opportunities also accompanied by risks, how to grasp the new opportunities for development, will have the potential demand of Internet users into the user site, improve the site competitiveness and improving the business model into the local industry stand to think of the problem.

wants to make the website grow further, must dig the problem that the website will appear at this stage and development in the future. Stationmaster net triumphantly believes that the biggest problem facing today is the local industry portal in the station in place how to highlight the personality emerge in an endless stream of industry competitiveness. At present, there are many portal websites in China, especially local subdivision industry portals. However, there are not many well-known features. The reason is that the market in the face of regional characteristics, the market scope is not comprehensive, so broad door. May be a city, do local Yellow Pages site, there will be several, the market itself is small, the same industry has gathered more than a portal, a sharp increase in competitive pressure, if there is no innovation without features, users will quickly drain, and for other similar sites.

perfect business model is also bigger and stronger inevitable, do station, can’t think of profit, excessive pursuit of profit will make your website lost direction. However, when the website develops to a certain stage, we must also consider the future profit model and how to make more profits. Only by combining the e-business model with the traditional business philosophy and improving the commercial management model, can the local industry portal be able to withstand the big reshuffle of the economic crisis by developing a stable and large customer base.

if we improve our competitiveness and improve our business model, I think we should do the following:

1, industry information should be timely and rich, close to customers,

is now a lot of places, the industry began to line up, may be updated more active. But there are many webmasters often three minutes heat, and made a few pages, got a little information, that is already enough, it will no longer be updated, rarely updated. Visitors come, empty, a few pages, content is scarce. Even if your website is se>

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