After the transformation of mogujie com how to operate the social retail business platform Listen to


$200 million financing, the valuation of $1 billion, which is the investor’s pricing after the transition

, you should remember PingWest’s report on – in 2013, out of the "shopping guide website" positioning, on-line self built electronic business platform "excellent shop", completed the transition. The long-term shopping guide on Taobao’s Web site has finally been able to find an independent development outside of the giants by vertical, community and cheap service prices. currently has 80 million mobile phone users, more than 35 million monthly active users, in the D round of financing has just completed not long ago, it received a $200 million investment from Hopu investment, capital letters and several Zhi fund.

, but’s transformation is far from complete. To maintain the newly established business platform, not only means to attract traffic, began to maintain their businesses completely by the relationship, improve business background, to control the quality of goods, to achieve a smooth transition, users and businesses docking. The vertical shopping guide website big to small, can achieve fine operation and user interaction and business platform to attend to, but in terms of the above mentioned Taobao is still immature compared to many, but this is really a challenge to the next stage of

around these issues, CEO June accepted an interview with PingWest. He told the PingWest, after the transformation of these problems, on the one hand, with ShopEX, e shop treasure and other professional business management software provider, to solve the problem of the business background, on the other hand, in collaboration with Baidu and WeChat, 360 and other platforms, in order to solve the traffic problems and payment. And for merchants qualification evaluation and screening, after-sale, commodity quality and so on, June admitted that these are "long-term work."".

June admits that is still not making a profit today, but June does not seem concerned about that. "In the fashion based fashion consumer category, Maori will be much higher than 3C, daily necessities and other large categories," he explained, "I and investors are very optimistic about the future earnings."." In the new round of financing,’s valuation reached $1 billion.

so, transformation after what happened? How to maintain the flow and maintain relationships with retailers and building the background? How to make up for the short board business? PingWest raises 10 questions on after the transformation of business, to see how June answer:

PingWest: compared with shopping guide website, self built platform in the product, technology and operations on the side of what changes have taken place?

June: as a matter of fact, since we started our business, we have been focusing on the "retail of women’s fashion consumer goods", but our product core has undergone several upgrades, from the initial "consumer society"

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