Content paid to usher in new players WeChat confirmed that the public has paid a fee to read the tes

Tencent science and technology news (Han Yimin) February 15th, WeChat confirmed that the WeChat public subscription subscription function is indeed in progress, has been doing the test, I believe that the near future will meet with you.


yesterday, the well-known Internet critic Hong Bo revealed in the circle of friends WeChat public number paid to read the upcoming news, triggering a strong concern in the industry.

has been in the past 2016, the content of the Internet as one of the hot words.

on the Internet giants such as Tencent, today’s headlines, Ali, Baidu, Jingdong launched the penguins, headline number, subscription number, UC number and 100 Jingdong as the number of platforms at the same time, to know peace, shell, logical thinking as the representative of the venture company also launched live, a known and experiment content realized.

disappeared gradually along with the mobile Internet dividends, content has become an important traffic entrance has become the industry consensus, the Internet giant, its content is an important tool to enhance user stickiness, the information flow, and entrepreneurial companies, in the accumulation of enough users and content producers under the condition of the content is the realization of enterprise development the inevitable choice at this stage.

the first to create a public platform of WeChat is in this wave of content of entrepreneurial wave appears to be relatively cautious, in 2015, WeChat started to increase the public platform of the original protection, in that year, WeChat launched a public platform intensive original statement, tours and other functions, constantly good ecological WeChat public platform, protect the original.

in August 28th of this year, WeChat first announced the opening of the public number of the original protection rules, while WeChat team said that the future will launch 11 incentives. Among them, pay to read and other new features will use the "invite" closed beta, are not available for.

but after the idea of paying more than a year to pay attention to the idea, the industry has repeatedly heard WeChat paid to read online news, but was not confirmed. This is the first time WeChat explicitly paid to read the progress of the public, along with WeChat’s official public statement, the introduction of the WeChat public paid reading function may soon become a reality.

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