want to talk about my overall business strategy online baby

I, an old programmer, graduated from 06 years ago and has been working as a programmer. From the initial ASP to the present php.

although in the Internet industry so hard for so many years, but there has been no one of their own web site, and even a blog are not, really ashamed.

09 years is a turning point, leaving the company for three years, came to the present company. New life, new weather, everything from the beginning, and then began to conceive of a website of their own, not for anything else, just want to try a website, the overall operation is what?


1, domain name pick

picking domain names is a very learned thing, because the domain name relates to the development of the website.

At the beginning of the

, because.CN’s domain name was cheap, and with a tight hand, it chose several cn’s.. Eije.cn, bluegame.cn, 51doc.cn, 51dvd.com.cn… The results were rated as pure tuition! This is a depressed ah, then know a specialized domain name "rice farming", he said that if they do stand, if the domain is the best with.COM, if it is possible to use the "old", so as to better the website included. Finally, he added, is to take a "silver"! And then show me some Larry, also at least to about 8k. Thought or forget, or you go to Amoy bar.

has an old saying called "inadvertently inserting willow trees." one night, in a web site where you can delete domain names, you can read pages and pages. Then see a domain name 53zx.com, if the rice farmers say, 5 words at the beginning of the 51, 52, 91 is the best. But I just think this meter is good. Then go to check, basically two figures plus ZX meters are boiled, check the site to do the history of the station, found that 06 years have been included, 08 years was released. And now there are anti chain, and then analyzed the meaning of the domain name, 53- I think, zx- online, even up, that is, I want to online. Ha ha, although a little vulgar, but can do a lot of types. Not at all. Boil it,


online less than a week, the effect will be seen, and my site PR value directly increased to 2.

2, website space

space basically didn’t toss directly managed server, although some expensive, but because the work needs to learn about LINUX, this station, learning time. I’m also in the local environment (his computer, wife every day, ha ha).

3, program


program is the last thing I’m worried about. It’s all about doing this. But I didn’t develop it myself. First, because there is no need, ready-made products are available, especially for php. In one is, >

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