Where’s the way out of the garbage site

does not really have a definite scope for garbage sites, it can be said that people use it. In general, refers to those large numbers, the content of the site is mainly on the collection of other people’s Web site, from content to location, are similar to many websites similar to the "clone" site. This kind of website exists in the Chinese Internet world now, and it shows a low level and bad imitation. It is basically not worth much, so it is not too much to call it "garbage website". Why are there so many garbage sites? I think it may be because of these reasons:

1. The site builder did not find the right location.

site people always feel: "I know this kind of website is now so fire, I did this two years ago.". Almost all of the websites have been done by others, and they are too lazy to bother, simply go with the flow, and that site fire I imitate it, all the positioning, function, structure, I have to imitate. One by one failure resulted in a loss of heart. You know, in the creative network world, a simple imitation of mindless is an insult to the network. The network is breaking the boundaries of the region, thus making competition more intense, unable to find the right location, it can only be overwhelmed by the network of the ocean.

two, lack of originality.

network is the product of creativity, so originality is one of the basic conditions for survival in the world. And our garbage master is because there is no good understanding of this, so that the world was born so many sites of no value. One pays for one thing, and that’s the same here. Apply a popular sentence now: you think you are playing the network, in fact, the network played you.

three, limitations of its own factors.

1, the overall understanding of the network is not enough.

because many webmaster contact network time is not long, do not understand the characteristics and the overall development trend of the network, can not very well understand the meaning and value to your site, also do not know the future direction of development.

2, lack of knowledge and experience.

in addition to the network knowledge and experience in real life experience and knowledge is more important, you see now many people are not against network, network technology talent, such as Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu, you Jiangnanchun etc.. The factors of their success is the successful use of accumulated knowledge and experience in real life, so that although we are doing the network, but not limited to the network, to get out of the network in the world, in real life to comprehend, to find, and then combined with the network, creating opportunities.

3, too impetuous.

now the whole Chinese environment is very impetuous, everyone eager for instant success, and even for the benefit of what things can do, and early ancestors "one point plowing a point."

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