Examples of statistical analysis of the original article was reproduced copyright reservations

today, nothing to do, and occasionally search their own articles, found by many websites reproduced, can not help but overjoyed. Carefully click on the view, not only surprised me, reprinted articles copyright information is not deleted, it is tampered with. What is more, even use the name of the website, modify the address of the website, and tamper with the misinformation is not in the minority. So I used the initial statistics of the document and looked at the reprinted address, and got a statistical analysis of the information about the original copyright information. Statistics of more than one more. Let’s take a look at my data statistics:


article "Baidu Google for example analysis of the original information from the original ranking" website address: www.webfenxishi.com/seo/153.htm, the analyst, published in two days, reproduced in the 18 sites, which retained 11 stations, accounting for 61% of the total, without reservation, there are 7 stations, accounting for 39%. Because of the small amount of data, it is impossible to give more detailed statistics of the specific reasons and ratios that are not retained. Through my reservation to the non reserved sites, visit and analysis, these reserved stations are mainly for personal owners and those engaged in SEO.

himself a small article, for the time being, is good or bad, reproduced not retained copyright information or change copyright information even accounted for nearly 40%, those high value of the article can be imagined. Why is network copy plagiarism more and more serious, why pseudo original so popular, this also can be seen. My article does not say that the idea takes time, but it takes nearly four hours to write and collect materials and to sort out the data. The article first published on the website of the analyst, I hope everyone reproduced share, but if reproduced transfer to the copyright information, let us stick to the original webmaster heart Zuoheganxiang? And Baidu on the original information ranking algorithm has a lot of problems, the high weight website article top. I also try to communicate with some of the forum website staff, want to get some explanation. People generally find me a storm in a teacup. Oh, can only sigh: the Internet is so mixed, small owners insist on original difficult! Analyst site original, http://s.www.webfenxishi.com/, welcome to share. Please retain copyright information!


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