The first time through the webmaster net sell connection sense

Chinese dating from the opening day to if now there are more than 3 years, but due to various reasons, the fact that the site has been stopped, although the page can also open, but only one home, the end of April this year, a little bit of time, but also feel so good domain name without pity, so frame a forum, May 1st is on the line, did not know what, just want to put the domain name space money back, ha ha, is very low.

            after about more than 20 days, Baidu and Google have included hundreds of pages, and the PR value reached 3, but traffic is still poor, so little traffic estimation by advertising the domain name money back all the difficulties, being anxious, suddenly thought of the webmaster online said the link for sale, did not care about, after all, so little money and few people can watch, but for me this website is quite appropriate, although the name of the site as a "Chinese" two words (also through the website for the record, but oh) I always take it as a reserve of domain name, so long as the domain name to money on the line, and a link can buy 10 yuan / month, three, five links will be enough, then log on webmaster forums, on the purchase and sale of link is really a lot, so he got a good look The buyer, QQ, did not think a few minutes to clinch a deal, but this website for more than 3 years the first income, ha ha, although not much money, but a year down to maintain the domain renewal is more than sufficient.

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