No more than 3 spirit is a failure for two years

said to do is two years, this year experienced a lot of things, from the earliest to do a single local forum to do dumpster, novels, sexual health, stock, and so on until now do English garbage station, experienced too much too much, to say what harvest earned much less? Money? You can say no to earn money, more investment. GG received 300 knives. By K, 500 knives. Two websites sold 2600. This is all the income since, but lost too many things, every day on the Internet, friends and relatives rarely touch, not playing, smoking increases, physical quality reduced! Do the girlfriend is not satisfied, the two can really say is a failure, the reason for my failure under simple analysis:

the direction is not insisted, thinking is very messy.

can say, I now registered a lot of meters, all want to think of something in a flash, feel that the direction of this meter promising, but they do not have a meter to make things, and finally became a tuition meter. Because these meters are for collecting. When making a single area forum can have development, enterprises are looking for the book written, team quickly organized, but due to various reasons, did not insist on down (because I am a part-time, time is not enough).

two still did not adhere to, no patience,

sometimes thinks of himself as an active mind, thinking of what to do, especially after learning to collect the train head, and feel that the station is too simple and the data is too simple. Every time the ideas are not the same, some East West do just do it a station after a month, two months, IP did not come up is not what patience, suddenly see someone standing how, then go to registered similar meters, acquisition, acquisition and acquisition…. So again, finally lead to a decent station without.

three lazy, afraid of trouble.

Any one station

to do propaganda is not enough, bored to collect content, thinking (for optimization, optimization, optimization of the content page personally feel very important), but the results collected is very slow, the effect is not ideal.

four is a bit too bad (probably not for a reason)

because CDMA has been using the Internet, people use an hour to do things, I need two hours to complete, quite inefficient, and this is also an important reason leading to a lot of patience. After summing up the lessons, in front of three points must be changed to Study hard under the more than 3 spirit: do not abandon, do not give up a certain direction, go on! Now must take this latest movie online stick, all from scratch! Hope still other webmaster brothers don’t learn from me, must stick to your own things, don’t stand by other temptations, don’t put others at the station have advantages than their stand on their own to believe in yourself, have a little faith! (edit connected it) if not connected to who text >

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