Vertical recruitment rescue traditional recruitment network precision recruitment trend

has many traditional recruitment websites are facing operating losses, Zhaopin, future worries and other traditional comprehensive categories recruitment website suffered a tragic loss in Q1, and the loss from the short run has not bottomed out phenomenon, so these sites may also need to continue operations, suffered a long lonely, even face closure. When the traditional large-scale recruitment site encountered such a dilemma, for many small and medium-sized recruitment websites, even the class recruitment website, apparently suffered greater pressure on the operation, then what is the reason for the traditional recruitment site encountered operating difficulties?

There are many reasons why

, but it is undeniable that the following two points are the most core elements, first is the characteristics of the traditional recruitment website with high Guinness, this feature makes the function and data quantity of the website is very rich, but very difficult to obtain more recruitment company for talent, but also talent it is difficult to find suitable for their own development of enterprises, greatly enlarged the difficulty of recruitment, many job seekers need to spend a longer time to search for some enterprises, and human resources director of many enterprises every day to spend a lot of time to find a resume, this way is actually and traditional recruitment model has little difference with the only a coat of the Internet.

The second factor is that the

business model innovation ability is insufficient, resulting in lack of enthusiasm of many enterprises to join the recruitment website, to provide value-added services to many traditional recruitment website profit model than for some job seekers to charge a fee, the other is the enterprise and the enterprise annual fee, annual fee basically is through the website the business personnel through marketing to achieve, but because of the traditional recruitment website recruitment efficiency can’t meet the expectations, so now for the appeal of enterprise is more and more low, therefore the profitability of enterprises will have to face down, resulting in many traditional recruitment websites suffered losses.

but for vertical recruitment website with the innovation of their precise recommendation and profit model, effectively attract enterprises to join, combined with large data technology and data mining technology, optimize the recruitment channels, can avoid the intermediary and search firms, so that companies and job seekers to achieve one to one communication. Therefore, the vertical class recruitment website, in a sense, can become the recruitment of the future development trend of the site.

in the vertical websites of many, the most noticeable is the industry vertical sites, such as hotel personnel website, automotive talent website and so on, these vertical websites not only has many advantages above, but also through professional image design, let these vertical industry class enterprise for good packaging, thus these enterprises enhance brand awareness, brand construction because from the point of view, from any level to strengthen their own business publicity, in the vertical industry website, if their brand enough loud, can even get an extra surprise from the recruitment industry website, that is to find the industry order.

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