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trust in the hearts of the majority of Internet users is very high, Baidu gave his ranking generally are listed in the first place, but many webmaster friends do stand in the process, is to seize the user’s psychology, with the official two words as keywords, including tille on key words and Web content, even the domain name, such as the official free download, landlords and domain names with keywords words (, cool official download such network in the form of a lot.

A cool music box

took me to do it, from the second half of last year to do after two months of hard work, website optimization is up, the ranking is also very good, first put the Baidu ads, a day income of about seventy or eighty, so it took nearly two months and then listen to the friend said on the official advertising is good, the income will be more high, his ranking is still behind me, one day the income must be higher than me, so I want to re add the official title in two words, and then went to cool union to apply for advertising, not to for a long time through the audit, I was also very happy, the promotion code put up, about half a day in the evening, the cool customer service said my account was closed, I asked him why, his answer is not the official website with two Word sites, such sites, we will not cooperate in the future.

            I wonder why the audit was done then; after a few days, this is the case. But after two days, I open Baidu search, found that the station all the key words are no, and at that time the heart is very uncomfortable, and can not find the right to drop the reason why?. So I personally think that because of offending the authorities, this is not accidental, but inevitable. Let me tell you all about my experience here. Never hope to go against the authorities after visiting your friends. Let us draw on, while helping me to analyze, perhaps I am not necessarily correct, but for the master pointing one or two. Well, I haven’t eaten yet since I’ve said so much! Thank you all.

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