Student stationmaster comes all the way experience

I can say that I am a webmaster, I have done in one vigorous effort own design using Dreamweaver web page on the computer without hesitation when their owners identity, not a senior webmaster, but at least I am a grassroots webmaster, because I am in the science and technology, I am on a more webmaster progress. Remember, when the school held a web design contest, hey, I made more than a month’s work to take part in the competition. Since the competition was only held in the big one, I managed to win the first prize, which was quite a big influence on me. From then on I know little in fact now school students will do, but I didn’t pay too much effort, so more than a lot of students a specialty, and I Why not?? plus some students like to know that I will do, I don’t want to be a "Prodigal Son". So I see more assiduous web design books, Dreamweaver books I borrowed from the library a lot! That day really crazy! Class, the class is also a look! When did not buy the computer is familiar with the code in the machine room! Think that time is a lot of students go to the room to play the game, and I but in doing business, I think, not only is the best teacher interest really, is the biggest driving force! After the second to buy a computer, based on a more solid, I can leave the book basically, Skilled operation of the entire site of the production process, which makes me very pleased, I think it is my site construction on the road a great leap forward!


gradually, I found it couldn’t go on like this. Because I have done for a long time is static web site, and now the web site is basically dynamic web site. The difference between static and dynamic website, dynamic web site has a webmaster and visitor interaction process, while the static website can not meet this requirement, and static site maintenance that is quite troublesome. So I started studying trends. Let’s start with ASP. I’ve borrowed the book again. Look, it’s another crazy day.

Asp relatively simple HTML language, but also another level, so I often search inside Baidu some questions answer. That is, at this time, I know some famous websites such as im286, Admin5, Chinaz and so on. Here I was the first to learn technical problems, but gradually found that the original is not so, because I know, CMS. With CMS, the site has become a bit of a fool. I’ve got a wide variety of CMS on the Internet, including ASP and php. Run locally, so I know the characteristics of these CMS and the methods they use.

still remember, at that time will not build ASP in the local environment, and later on the Internet to know the netbox, this is a good thing. That is, it installed in my computer, completely opened my ASP in the CMS aspects of learning. After a period of study, I almost know the tough place of CMS >

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