Low frequency products do O2O not as difficult as you imagine

many entrepreneurs think that only high frequency products and services are for O2O, such as catering, travel, movies, and low frequency products due to the low frequency, and if too vertical, it is difficult to achieve profitability. In fact, there are a lot of low frequency products such as decoration, second-hand car, photography and other industries on the market at present, are waiting to do fast, combined with the Internet, a more powerful burst of power.

low frequency does not require blind burn

mentioned "burning", we first thought might be a relatively high frequency takeaway, taxi, movie, it has become a usual means of all walks of life in the development of enterprises, it is "love hate, love, because it can quickly increase sales (digital), and digital go to the capital market, to see; hate, because few people and money there, but if blindly burn, it will affect the profit or loss.


is relatively high, taxi, takeaway food film, platform for the user subsidies to 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, loved by consumers, while the platform is "burning", the most important reason is to allow the user to generate complex purchase, once users have to rely on the platform, users can also put the money to earn back from the other side. But the low frequency industry, such as marriage, decoration, the low frequency, life is only one or two times, and the price is high, small subsidies to users have painless itching, even if subsidies, to ensure that customers will go to re purchase? So, some enterprises do not need to burn low, subsidies also, the products and experience to do, can be accumulated to the user and realize the scale and profitability.

low frequency industry O2O is how to do?

everyone to do the stampede in high frequency O2O, because of the high frequency threshold lower, there are still some people sink the heart to do the low frequency O2O, then the industry rely on what is alive?

on the one hand, there is no absolute high and low points, such as marriage, that is, most people get married may be a lifetime of a node, but the marriage process is quite lengthy, it involves booking wedding, wedding photography, wedding, wedding, wedding ceremonies to buy fireworks, makeup so, here, this is quite a long process, and in the whole process, so the user use the frequency of APP is quite frequent, and in the whole process of marriage, it belongs to the low frequency or high frequency


in addition, although the low frequency, but if the customer price is high, but also to achieve a good profit. There are statistics, the current national average to do a smoking ceremony is 5-10 million per year, about 10 million of married people in the wedding, the per capita consumption in 5000~6000 yuan, including photo, parent-child, photography is light output have about 216 billion, plus other wedding related project, that is a trillion market, compared with the housekeeping, washing and other high-frequency project, a marriage project profit earned back.

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