nterview with Huaxing capital chairman Guo fan rules of the game in businessThe team must live only

guest: very glad to be back in quality rice network.

entrepreneurship whether to choose their own old line? Where is their core competitiveness? How to take the difficult first step, a lot of questions in front of you. Listen to Huaxing capital chairman and CEO, who will take you into the business rules of the game.

, in which the physiological needs are in the first place, only living, only then has anything else.

host: or what qualities do you admire in women?

and some mentally ill patients try to experiment in the form of suicide in order to prove they have a soul. People have sadly sigh.

? Guest Guest

I smoked for two days and read the book carefully. In all the books I read, the book brought me a shock of at least five. One of the more straightforward aspects of the book should be called the world view of the psychotic. People who are easily brainwashed don’t look at it. Many people go crazy after reading.


anchor: you are very happy today came to our studio and young people face-to-face chat, today we talk about or from the start, we young people in self management and all aspects have some problems, especially want to hear your suggestions. We have a small part of the opening called "Proust questionnaire", in order to make you faster and more direct understanding of you.

because there is such a word in Lu Xun’s novel published in 1925 the "past": people must live, love can depend on.

host: Hello,

: understanding.

someone like me, admire DD, but he always said: "if I like DD life, I can be sure to write a 6000 word article."

Abstract: being able to live represents a relatively stable cash flow, representing wages for employees, representing a part of the employment problem in the community, representing the service of a group of people, and that is value. Such an undertaking, whether it is life or death, is a very successful business.

audience: Hello, what do you think is success? How do you understand success?

wrote DD

this view may be borrowed from Lu Xun.

host: why is freedom,

the question is, what’s the value of the answer if people don’t have it?


: do what you want to do and live the life you want.


American psychologist Abraham · Maslow put forward Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory in his papers on human motivation theory in 1943. Human needs, such as ladders, are divided into five levels from low to high, namely, physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for needs and self actualization needs.

host: who is that,

: the first guest is my family, the second is actually me so many years business partners, colleagues, I think we could get together, together with vigour and vitality of a career is a fate, so these people to me "

audience: how do you like your bags? What qualities do you like about women,

audience: how do you always pack up? As a rich man, what do you think is the most luxurious thing?

for ten years

for insane patients, the process of their madness is also called entrepreneurship, but what they seek is often not money, but answers and recognition.

has a movie, also called "live", which is cut. After the civil war, the hero fukki landlords, the great leap forward, the cultural revolution, just suddenly understand, in fact, money and honor these are not important, the most important is to stay alive.

?Guest Guest

he’s right. He’s not right either.

audience: Oh, hello. What’s your favorite person or thing in your life?

: I only love people who don’t love things.

"genius on left, madman in the right"

some people in order to prove the stone of life, from morning to night observation of stone; some people say we live in the mirror outside, the mirror is the real world; some people say that we are slaves of the bacteria, and then wash every minute.

: good hearted.

host: in addition to kindness,

"rules of the game" is very familiar words, from small to large, we have been experiencing, has been involved, has been in maintenance. What in the world is it? He’s a mind or a way of action that everyone agrees. What are the rules of the game that must be followed in business? How many people do poineering work best?

yes, if a person is satisfied with even the most basic life

: time. I am not rich, I understand, rich people are like this.


host: ok.

: Hello everyone.

do you think they are stupid? In fact, the average IQ of mental patients is much higher than that of ordinary people.

host: Hello, audience friends. Welcome to our program today. The guest who came to our studio today was chairman and CEO of Huaxing capital. Mr. Fang, let’s give him a big hand.

: success is freedom.



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