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income 3000 yuan, the tax payable = = 3000-800 × 20%=440 yuan.

from the above figure, the amount paid to the personal webmaster by the sh419 union is the amount deducted from the Commission of the month after the personal service income tax. Then, what is the standard tax withheld by the sh419 Federation for withholding personal services from individual users?


income of 5000 yuan, the tax payable =5000× 1-20% × 20%=800 yuan.

someone said that the total amount of income was deducted at the rate of 20%, but according to this standard, I didn’t agree with the tax deduction of 3 and 4 in February.

began early in the easy start-up, Yang Yin has been involved as an angel investor, when the team did the traditional chips. Yang Yin and the original team after repeated discussions and collisions, and found that the Chinese market is different from the unique European and American markets. The United States is a credit society and has a very good credit system guarantee. China is a society of relations, if a person does not have a good endorsement, there is no confidence in it. In addition, the United States is an immigrant society, a tradition of helping strangers, who are accustomed to the financing of strangers. While China is closer to relatives and friends, China’s earliest public offerings are to build ancestral halls, and many people will follow the idea of seeking roots, and they will do it no matter how far away they are.

month ad revenue 1000 yuan, the tax payable = 1000-800 × 20% tax =40 yuan.

learned that the tax deduction standards for personal service income tax and income tax are different. As follows:

| Wang Shuai


doesn’t do it. How do you know you can do it,

lead: in 2014, when he was vice president of IDG China and general manager of IDG exhibition group Yang Yin once again choose to leave the business, to join their own investment team – "easy to raise."".

some people say that the total amount of income minus 800 yuan, and then by 20% of the tax deduction, but my March tax deduction in line with the April did not meet.

personal service income tax payable tax = income deductions × tax rate

"easy to raise" concept refers to the relatively light amount of public raising projects, currently on the platform easy to raise, both support leukemia patients, micro film such public projects, but also the spread of traditional crafts. In the future, easy financing will take into account some relatively large projects. As Yang Yin said: "every industry has the needs of all the chips, so we don’t choose items."

‘s two career, and has worked in IBM and IDG, such a resume, no doubt so many young people envy. Can Yang Yin each choice but also amazing: 2000, leaving the business in two years after joining the IDG; to eight months after the founder of the Popmap company in the United States NASDAQ listed companies mail, then the entry of IBM; two years later returned to the IDG. In 2014, when he was vice president of IDG China and general manager of IDG exhibition group Yang Yin once again choose to leave the business. Although the two venture for 14 years, but also stood on the tuyere: the first venture is the Internet tide, this time is the mobile Internet tide. Unlike her first venture, this time she chose a team she used to be an angel investor – "easy to raise."".

After examining the People’s Republic of China personal income tax law,

: 1, the income of less than 4000 yuan, after deducting the number of 800 yuan; 2, the income of more than 4000 yuan, the deduction for 20% of revenue; 3, revenue of more than 20000 yuan, plus collection, however, individual stationmaster monthly advertising revenue of more than 20000 is extremely rare, there is no introduction.



sh419 alliance April revenue has been settled. The following is the last two months of my sh419 alliance’s settlement records revenues for April are expected to be paid on May 15th.

is easy to catch up with this feature, WeChat and other social platforms as an entry point, starting from the social network. Thus, at the very beginning, there was a credit system for easy financing. It was also from this moment that the team started making products that really moved Yang Yin.

Yang Yin, while emphasizing the skills and products of the team, also found that the team lacked professional marketing and publicity managers. She believes that easy to raise for themselves may be a transition opportunities.

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