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, the plan, the quota already has, the next step is the actual operation." Evenshine security secretaries Deng Xianglong told the "daily economic news" reporter, increase the registered capital for the company is very important, because according to the relevant provisions of the "Interim Measures" of the financing Guarantee corporation management, financing guarantee liability balance shall not exceed 10 times its net assets, "the general cooperation with the bank, the bank is to calculate the ratio in accordance with the registered capital of the Guarantee Corporation of gold." Deng Xianglong said that if you want to expand the scale of business, the company will need to explore ways to increase capital, but because the company belongs to financial enterprises, stock transfer system explicitly listed on the list


and rancher chat, someone inadvertently speaking his apple tree looks vigorous growth, can bear fruit is small and acid, listen to master smiled and said, outsiders are generally such misunderstanding of plant growth.

for some entrepreneurs, business bigger, they consider not just return a single business, but need more focus from the whole line of business, some business can bring huge returns, but in front of the market, not.

in order to increase capital investment and the introduction of strategic investors, financing Xing guarantee officially terminated in February 27th listing. Shandong Yisheng guarantees and TS-1 followed up the delisting work.

last weekend, we went to a farm on the outskirts of the barbecue, the owner of the farm during the many words impressed me, which contains the truth for entrepreneurs also have a lot of reference.

new three financial companies such companies uncertain business, greater volatility, have greater restrictions in listing, financing and other aspects, and the short term will not relax, because do not enjoy the bonus system of three new board, financial enterprises delisting number or will show a rapid increase trend."

, Digg not only can continue on the basis of growth, frequent revision especially in 2010 to social deflection V4 revision has angered many Digg old users, within one month of traffic plummeted more than 30%, and it was later Reddit succeeded beyond, eventually to $500 thousand the price was forced to sell.

Digg is one such example, by the end of 2004 was on the line in less than 18 months has earned more than $180 million valuation, then received shlf13142 billion takeover offer, the number of visits in 2008 the site of more than 236 million.

, when they made a big career, they were unbeatable, but they lost their way when they continued to lead their careers toward success.


, of which Shandong took the lead, launched stock issuance in early 2016. But after entering the inquiry stage, the securities and Futures Commission issued a window guidance to stop the listing of financial enterprises. Shandong Dan said, affected by the policy, the special funds allocated to the investment company, other capital programs can not be implemented. To this end, the company intends to share the system to terminate the listing of applications.

But after

from growth to mature, how to grasp the boundaries between is the most important, many entrepreneurs have won good career start, but ultimately tend to fail, a very common reason is that they neglected to cause mature stage from the growth transition.


to hold the weak

, lianxun Institute of securities and the new board responsible person said, the new board of financial enterprises such uncertainty, business growth, greater volatility, have greater restrictions in listing, financing and other aspects, and the short term will not relax, because not to enjoy the bonus system of three new board the number of financial enterprises, will be delisted or showed a rapid increase trend."

day before, in the Guarantee Corporation delisting listed three new board to message. Following the financing guarantee 835023.OC since February 2017, 27 formal termination of listing, Shandong further 832413.OC announced in March 6th that the company intends to terminate the listing. On February 14th, Ebuy guarantee 832413.OC also announced plans to apply for delisting,

, he explained, "the growth of fruit trees is not the same as the results of fruit. The former is growth of plants, and the latter is reproductive growth.". In order to promote the growth of fruit tree growth, but leaves too luxuriant, not only let the fruit with bigger sweet, but also take the necessary nutrient ultimately backfired.

financing of many types of financial enterprises limited

has also been suggested that he often will look weak branches to cut fruit to grow better, but always backfire, the farmer explained that strong branches will take fruit nutrients, affect the normal growth of fruit trees and the final results, so the real experts will lose those looks prosperous stems.

grows from plants to reproductive growth,

This reporter interviewed

is also located in Shandong, the main financing guarantee business million Sheng guarantee, and Shandong is facing a similar situation. According to 100 million guarantee announcement shows that the company intends to introduce Shandong provincial financing guarantee institutions equity investment fund, Linyi industrial guidance fund investment Co., Ltd. and other government funds. However, because the financial enterprises can not carry out private placements and other major capital operations in the national share transfer system, the company intends to apply for the termination of the listing of the National SME share transfer system.

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