How should a webmaster choose a good advertising allianceWangzhuan only rely on technology to make m

have the skills to ask others? Do you have the skills to make money?

, if you’re a newbie, the webmaster is new and new. You don’t understand. What I said above is >

advertising alliance in recent years, along with the development of the Internet, showing a mixed situation.

5 looks at the amount of customer service that hangs on the page, or any other instant messenger. General League suspension is relatively large, small general 1-3. And without division.

advertising is a skill, you must first see your website which occupy most of the flow of age groups, or what type of users, such as games, beauty, slimming and so on. Your advertisement should catch such a group and do it in a targeted way. If your website is doing beauty, then throwing an iron and steel ads up, certainly not good. About the optimization of advertising, the following article expounds.

2 into the Union home to see, see how the website do. The general garbage league website does not do well.


first of all to understand the advertising union pit master means, nothing more than the following: 1 buckle amount 2, unit price 3, default payments, 4 carry money, foot 5, no reason to seal account

now Wangzhuan is really more chaotic, what are the name of the day to earn a few hundred banner to attract people. If you are a just entering the industry, you will certainly be very interested in "Wangzhuan" a word, just sit at home and make money, it is really amazing, I have seen myself even have a good job, but his job to devote himself to Wangzhuan, with the luck can also from the network to share. But money work be empty, why? Because he too believed that others Wangzhuan project.

7 registered members went to see how much money advertising for you to choose from, providing advertisers see business or major activities or personal webmaster, if the individual owners then take care.

3 to see if payment information is implemented update announcement, if payment information in the middle of intermittent non cyclical, or long-term updates, then you directly close the station, select another.


6 is there a fixed line, and if there is one or two, is the phone also sub – Department, including fax, etc.?.

SP era make personal Adsense in advertising alliance on income fell sharply. In those days, there was a saying: "every day, 2000IP, you can sit at home and count your money.". But now you don’t have to count 20000IP every day. Therefore, the webmaster in the flow is not "expensive" such as "oil" period, choose a good advertising alliance is particularly important.

1 when choosing an alliance to search relevant information, to see if there is no negative news, general alliance now has negative news, so you have to look at the negative degree, and then weigh.

so how do you choose a favorite League,

One end of

if you really want to earn some money on the Internet, I suggest you learn some skills and knowledge. It is better to know what skill is than to buy another. You know the technology won’t cheated, they have the technology can do a thousand dollars a month, do Wangzhuan the essential technical ability: the establishment of the independent ability, imitation station. In fact, this station is not difficult to learn, don’t make it very difficult to believe, that is to grasp the Wangzhuan sooner or later. To help others imitate a station, at least earn 200 yuan, imitation station, at most one afternoon, you say it is not worth it, a month to pick up a dozen list, easy to do. In fact, money is not a real lie. If you want to learn how good, at least not white do Wangzhuan so many days. With technology, always earn >

4 see if there is no record, check the record information is true?. In addition, look at other documents, such as business license, what, but many of this alliance is not publicity, as a reference only.

In addition

project is dazzling, write how to earn money, not new technology, so to find online project, but often is a trap, some people still do not know they are falling into the trap. Spend a few hundred dollars that got a month earn thousands of the project also is very happy, but a month later, you really have a thousand dollars a month? If not, please stop it, because don’t delay your youth, don’t take youth gambling in. Heard the website to make money? Do website really can make money, but the novice do up seems to be a bit difficult, because he does not understand SEO skills, do not understand the operation of the site, but also won’t make the site, that sets a source on the matter. Some people do not understand the site, go directly to buy a site, it is estimated that many novice was "Mason" cheated. If you see here, you quickly come out, do not make money for him, "Mason" trick is not smart, and even people can see through a glance. Spend 300 yuan, send you a broken website, say what can put an advertisement to make money. The ads or their ads, ah, indirectly continue to promote him. You can live by his ad dollars. You’re a good player then. Give your website, even space and domain name are controlled by him, oneself do not have administrative power, just make everybody foolish. Why do people get cheated? Why are people doing like "Mason" and "shadow only earn" this kind of liar group? If you have their dirty things, they quickly abandon it, don’t waste your time. Give you a warning: do not buy Taobao Wangzhuan, don’t need to participate in the development of the line of the project, don’t believe something you can buy his monthly income of thousands of yuan project.


8, the same advertising position in several advertising League, take the same type of advertising, put a period of time to see, to see which show the amount of clicks and the unit price is good, contrast. Of course, this is a stupid job.

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