Behind the sprint PO Zhong An insurance against traditional insurance is not the traditional lawThe

premium income?

for technology and Internet companies, how to obtain enough users, is the beginning of the development of the top priority. In this respect, it is a wise thing to get user data in batches in the context of shareholders and partners.



about 9 years later, Tesla began using a series of results to silently respond to these queries:

compared with the traditional insurance companies, zhong an only in less than four years, the amount of customers will catch up with all of the old tradition of insurance companies.

exhibition industry quickly borrow arrows with thatched boats

I’m very dissatisfied with the answer of the general manager. I know the situation of their enterprises and understand their feelings. But the money is what they owe us, and it has dragged on for a long time. Although their business faces bankruptcy, the money is still available. In a fit of anger, I opened their large desk and told them, "money must be given to me.".

of course, there must be enough resources to work together. Have to say, three Ma shareholder background for Xiaoshan considerably, a direct pull for the scene, to help them quickly.

at that time, Xu always comforted me and said, "safety matters. Money will never come back if you really can’t get it.". Now think of Xu

later, the president of the company and several senior officials came forward to invite me to dinner, and talked about the arrears. They told me, "the general manager of the finance is sent by the investors. If I keep on making this happen, they will do me a great deal.". After hearing this, I immediately told the president: "it’s all right to lose it, but the money must be taken away.". After dinner, I called Xu immediately and told him, "if I can’t go back on time, I’ll look for it right away.".

was a tough game. I know in my mind that the debt is not easy to ask for, let alone face a troubled enterprise.

such as Zhong an R & D personnel including 862 engineers and technicians, accounting for more than 50% of the number of employees, human structure that is doubtful, this is a serious insurance company? Compared with the hundreds of thousands of employees, have launched a strong line sales of traditional insurance firms, it will be the success of the model? It can get enough

1998, I have done the "Earth" vice president, each year to complete the company’s business volume of 80%. Such achievements and aura often attract envy of others. But in fact, in this glorious behind, I also bear a lot of grievances. At that time, many customers will owe the company’s money. While these arrears is a reminder of the most difficult and the most headache.

for technology and Internet companies, how to obtain enough users, is the beginning of the development of the top priority. In this respect, it is a wise thing to get user data in batches in the context of shareholders and partners.

this is reminiscent of the story: borrow arrows with thatched boats make efficient use of borrowed resources to help their own development.

remember, in January, I went to a company in Guangdong to recover my debts. At that time, the enterprise owed the "land" 800 thousand yuan, has been delayed. They are a relatively well-known local air-conditioning manufacturers, but for various reasons, its own one or two billion foreign debt can not be returned. Imagine how difficult it is for them to ask for money. So before I go, I’ll do

is a fast implantation of shareholders such as Ali and Ctrip business scene, access to its massive user; on the other hand, Xiaoshan is rapidly expanding partner number, such as mogujie, temple library, with the way, to maximize the number of users to accumulate their own. Founded three years, has more than 492 million customers to Xiaoshan sales more than 7 billion 200 million copies of the policy.

June 30th, Xiaoshan filed a prospectus in Hongkong, according to the prospectus, it compared with the traditional insurance company, there are a lot of differences.

arrived in Guangdong, and I got to the top of the group to negotiate, but I couldn’t agree. At that time they had faced bankruptcy, and the personnel and financial situation was complicated. But since I came here with the idea of "winning", I didn’t compromise. I found their finance room again, ready to communicate directly with their financial staff. However, after I had come, tell me directly to the general manager of the finance they: "the company did not have the money, money can not also owe."

in 2008, when Tesla produced the first electric sports car Roadster, did not win the world’s attention. But there are many car practitioners, questioning the eyes of tesla. Right, not questioning the usability of the product, but directly questioned Tesla itself: can you really build? Are you sure you are not monkey sent him

, Model, S and Model X have received a long and wide range of welcome, and Tesla’s market capitalization of more than GM and Ford these hundred years of automotive enterprises, has become North America’s largest market capitalization of automotive companies.

reading: "people get angry, just get the device", is my mother taught me a little when I was a word. This sentence lets me understand a truth from the urine: the person wants to be able to become a person, suffer injustice, this one barrier is unavoidable. It is also because early know this truth, so no matter what kind of experience after the grievance, my attitude is very calm, can with this simple eight words through.

perhaps, the company that beat the traditional car industry is not from this industry. Just as it is against traditional insurance, it may not be the traditional law of insurance.

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