Five ways to make money for your personal blogshlf1314 advertising hijacked by Trojan software is an

5. sells advertising bits

BitDefender said in a statement, the Trojan software to send the query to the shlf1314 server to redirect to a false server. This fake server displays third party ads instead of shlf1314’s ads.

, such as shlf1314 Adsense and Ali mom. Click advertising money is not good, the advertising chamber of Commerce will do everything possible to skimp on your hits, not to mention the small advertising alliance to do so, even the shlf1314 is no better. But shlf1314’s approach is even better. Your account is a bit out of the question and all your money will go up in smoke. This kind of advertising is suitable for some of the larger traffic blog, of course, if you need a variety of advertising collocation, and add a little extra income, then put this kind of advertising is good. Click ads are generally charged by clicking.

BitDefender virus analyst Attila Balazs said, "this is a serious situation, it will cause damage to users and websites.". The BitDefender site explains that the Trojan is known as "Trojan.Qhost.WU" and that its level of communication is "low" and can cause "medium" damage.


this requires a certain amount of traffic on your site. Advertising locations are typically placed in a prominent position near the blog post. If your blog is bigger, naturally someone will contact you to buy your ad position. This kind of ad is usually charged per month / year.

1. sell link

in Text-link-ads this website to sell your link is a good choice, you only need to download a blog link, when someone buys you a link plugin to link display. The sale link advertising revenue is relatively stable, but slightly higher, generally have higher shlf1314 PR and Alexa ranking people have to buy, and advertising placement generally does not matter, because advertisers as long as your PR is enough, do not really want this to get traffic from you. Therefore, in the early days of blog construction, we should find some PR websites to exchange links appropriately.

, shlf1314 said, "we’re actively testing and revoking websites that offer malware to our ad networks and search results.". We have used artificial and automated methods to detect and enforce these policies.

4. search union

zhuaxia blog alliance and Feedsky alliance. The so-called marketing advertising, that is, let you write an article, advertisers to sell things to comment, such as a dress, a mobile phone, a car and so on. You can write it your own way that is, it’s good and it’s bad and, of course, advertisers want you to write more positive. The price of marketing advertising is generally determined by advertisers before release, depending on the amount of blogs you browse, the amount of RSS subscriptions, and the shlf1314, PR, and so forth.

2. click ad

, the Trojan horse program, is named after the mythical Troy Trojan because it can attack shlf1314’s AdSense service without entering the computer system without detection.

said in a statement on Wednesday that we have canceled customer accounts that display users’ re advertising to malicious websites, as well as customer accounts that violate our software principles.

, such as shlf1314, Adsense and sh419 alliance. Many blogs have search services, using their own forum program search, the server resources are not used, search matching is not as high as professional search engines. Using the search services provided by these search engines, you can also earn a certain amount of money for those who work in search. Search alliance advertising requirements, is sacrificing your blog must be "sovereignty", when entering the search page, usually enter the shlf1314 or sh419 page. Search League advertising revenue is clicked on the search page and charged by search times.

3. marketing advertising

, December 20th, according to foreign reports, BitDefender, a security company in Romania, said shlf1314’s location on its Web site was hijacked by a Trojan horse software. The Trojan software replaces text ads on shlf1314 pages with ads from different providers.

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