Take out O2O entrepreneurs how to break through

according to a "iResearch the latest release of the 2015 Chinese takeaway O2O industry development report" shows that in the past 2014, the market size of China’s catering catering has more than 160 billion yuan, the total food consumption ratio of 5.8%, and by 2017, this proportion is expected to reach 9%, the overall size of the market will also be sold abroad more than 300 billion yuan. The catering industry is a high frequency just need, taking such a huge cake of course, the Internet giant, the U.S., hungry and Baidu takeaway takeaway a situation of tripartite confrontation O2O giant, has been the "burn" as an important means of competition, including reputation in July this year on the line "take out" in the circle burn market the whole industry, burn wars into the white hot stage.

will burn, the law of development of the industry

not long ago, Baidu takeaway announced $250 million financing; and recently heard hungry to get a new round of financing, although the amount of financing of $630 million has been questioned, but in any case has been financing; since the beginning of 2015 to get $700 million financing of the U.S. group, due to burn too fast, and self ability is weak, too that is to seek new financing news, the giants with its crazy burn attempt to improve the business share and sales orders, under such a burn big move, the industry began to spread the investment of winter approaching, burn subsidies is futile.

in fact, takeaway O2O for consumers to bring the convenience of eating problems. Data show that 2015 Q1 domestic O2O takeaway platform every day to run around the frequency of about 2 times in each group, the United States takeaway, hungry, and Baidu takeaway running frequency were respectively, 2.16 and 1.2. Takeaway O2O development has now become a habit of life most people’s diet, which is related to a large number of burn, burn to a certain extent, strengthen competition, whether it is homogeneous, or personalized, eventually leave is a good user experience, not only including the products, services, and prices." Cable technology leader Wang always think.

giant squeeze, entrepreneurs how to find new space?

according to the author observed that part of the price sensitive users said that if the platform to stop the burn subsidies, may no longer be focused on the platform, there is also a part of the user that does not matter, even if every single transaction platform to increase the amount of 1~2 yuan will continue to use, after all, takeaway platform development to a certain extent has reached the mature stage. It also improves the efficiency of dining. So where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs?

market segments, the development of light food O2O: with the upgrading of consumption, domestic residents pay more and more attention to the quality of the diet, in addition to three meals a day for dinner to eat light food, also is to improve the quality of life energy and good supplement. For example, afternoon tea, coffee, cakes, etc., O2O food and beverage platform through the breakdown of the food and beverage market, the giants have no time to take into account the scope of the focus, the ultimate, in order to create space, avoid giant >

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