Mao Daqing business friends and relatives such as asked after 90 really can not be underestimatedO

O2O is a concept that entrepreneurs need is out of the concept of courage and ability to create new models for their own product features, rather than follow the concept of the Internet that make high voice force.

O2O is just a concept, a new channel of thinking, entrepreneurs to do is to open up patterns, manufacturing success of the operation, the current O2O model to engage in entrepreneurship, the more selected tools are: app and WeChat. And can start app, build a successful O2O model for more professional strong project: electronic business platform has Taobao, Jingdong, female services category, the United States, grapefruit, aunt, etc., taxi software drops, fast…… As for the continuous opening of the entrance for businesses WeChat, has gradually become the current entrepreneurs to create one of the best tools O2O selected.

medical O2O can use "online" feature is the face of a wide variety of drugs, their decision is very difficult for you to eat now is what medicine, but to sweep the barcode can buy the same medicine to solve the difficulty of users in the online purchase of medicines; business platform product homogeneity serious times, "price war is every business must play the rules and pain, but to set their own" O2O "model can successfully avoid such problems, and out from the user to repeat the" search, parity, making "short-lived business nightmare.

O2O business must comply with the rules

, well-known entrepreneurs such as Qiao Zhiyong, Zhang Qian, Rong brothers, their commercial inspiration came mostly from people’s basic necessities of life, flour industry, textile industry, real estate industry, even the development of the financial industry, are from the general public consumption behavior. But today, you will find that the customer gradually became more and more fashionable words, that is to say, to see who is their products and business models corresponding to customer groups. Positioning of the real estate industry just need to disk, improve the disk, high-end disk, in order to find different age groups of customer groups. Multi brand strategy is also the enterprise to defuse the risk, different products correspond to different age groups, corresponding to different income groups. Now, more entrepreneurs inspiration, especially in the consumer areas, have to aim at 90, 00, who studies thoroughly through the new generation, who may be to seize the new air outlet.

O2O is a kind of thinking, break through O2O to create the operating mode is the entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the business pain points, in addition, the platform must not take their short board to the same field, but with their ingenious fusion segments to realize the advantages of online and offline, and from which to explore in the medical O2O scanning bar code can be purchased the same drugs, solve user > fine

90, 00 after the huge population base will be the future main China workforce, of course, they are the main force in the future of the consumer market, so the change of 90, 00 after the consumer behavior and habits will bring great influence on the whole society consumption.


creates O2O model tool

but not fast breaking the Internet, and mobile Internet, we almost never know what will use app or WeChat to create what the user needs the pain point, but we can grasp, also must grasp what kind of industry is really suitable for O2O, which features only a combination of "O2O" to carry forward.

The history of the

In this era of

the two day, and several unique workshop 90 entrepreneurs talk to 90 consumer habits and business innovation. There are 90 entrepreneurs said, we must understand the world, because they represent the future of the business world, for example, they love the kind of sense of individuality, they first pay attention to the quality of the goods, rather than price, which will affect the future business trends.

this year’s CCTV Spring Festival evening, after 60, 70 after the discovery of more and more cannot read, in addition to the normal partial red tonality, the little meat seems familiar is not much, the director in order to attract young people, but also will not stop cut to Luhan and William Chan stars on the face. How many people who are about my age, and what kind of songs these stars have sung, and what they are playing?. However, in September 25, 2015, the Guinness world records declared a micro-blog Luhan in 2012 forward, as at 2 September 2015, received 100252605 comments, refresh the "micro-blog most commented Bowen" record, his endorsement fee is said to have more than ten million.

catering, travel, beauty, health and is suitable for the O2O mode of life service, there are success stories hot: didi fast taxi, West master hamburger and order a duck, called chicken…… There are also the heat, die of the "hot" period of rice, steel takeaway network, where to stop, beautiful experts……

a few years ago, everyone was talking about how to manage 90 employees, saying that their "lovelorn" can also become a reason for asking for leave. I found that the past two years, we are studying consumer behavior after 90. For 90 is not have a car no longer tangled, but will spend thousands of dollars to buy a mountain bike, of course, this time the street bike sharing is 90 young label colorful, even in winter, they are not afraid of cold, 60 and 70 in which are hiding in the car? For the four seasons such as spring feeling, while enjoying the air side scold the congestion of the city.


O2O is a hot word in 2014, is the traditional score line means, it is also an important tool for Internet brand layout of the line, but the rotten goods stall called voice broke still not sell the brand into the international price, the concept of more beautiful, still did not change O2O model to be words in destiny.

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