Wang’s new web site the only AllianceMethod for improving network marketing

      media resources, can be sure these people certainly linktech from there with a lot of it, but the specific grasp of what the media also can make nothing of it. The only biggest competition is customer and media resources, according to the sole alliance. At the same time, from the recent events, the only alliance is also wooing and nurturing a number of high quality websites. Because of the effect of marketing, especially CPS, often some individual big webmaster can make amount to.

      in the business model, only the main alliance is e-commerce marketing CPS, and this link is the same. From the current ad for the sole alliance, 100% is the CPS ad, and the only CPL charging by boot, CPA, has ended. It is worth noting that the only alliance has a relatively new effect marketing: CPP, the so-called CPP, is the telephone inquiry as a result of marketing. At present, this company has also been doing very much, such as the extension of pushing the ringing.

      the only alliance that attracts so many eyeballs is probably his boss’s name – Wang yang. Yes, she is linktech before CEO. In August 2nd this year, linktech posted notice, including general manager Wang Yang, advertising alliance, technology department, a total of 8 people officially leave, core staff to leave these people only official media. Why did you leave the ocean linktech independent portal? According to her own words, "I feel the work in foreign companies, it the marketing and Chinese network marketing on the market a lot of overall demand does not match, so I feel I can develop their own advantages, to become a pioneer of advanced technology in the short board, vaguely also confirms another person’s words: linktech" complacent "," lazy "," just like the Opium China period".


      union observation reports: only alliance recent action is very large, sponsored by the elite MBA, stationmaster read free server, do effect marketing forum etc.. What does a new league make so many gimmicks? Let’s talk about the only alliance today.

  all that the network marketing is a new marketing mode is just emerging, according to the Chinese situation, the quality and popularity of Internet users, is somewhat reluctantly, but we must stand high and see far, network marketing space is huge, very promising, because the network marketing of less investment, quick effect, is the enterprise to do marketing preferred. How can we do online marketing in view of the current situation? First of all, we have to clear up a few questions: why do Internet users access to the Internet? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer, of course, is to find "information", but looking for information for what? There are many answers. Mainly in order to solve the problem, for the two types of people, one is the enterprise, in order to find customers online, solve marketing. Two is the individual, this kind of crowd solves the problem, divides into, the work / lives / studies. Therefore, we start marketing is to help them solve such problems. How to solve it? That’s what we’re focusing on. The fastest way to get people to find the most important information on the Internet is the success of our online marketing.

      how to do Internet Marketing? We aim at an enterprise. It is not easy for an enterprise to shape its image on the internet. There are several ways to network marketing: the three major "E-mail" marketing. Advertisement delivery. Search engine optimization".

      1. E-mail marketing is now the most commonly used enterprise, the effect is not very obvious if you are a large enterprise can consider.

      2. Advertising is included, including major portals and similar websites. according to different advertising prices are not the same.. You can refer to the SINA offer, which may be a little higher, but it’s obvious

      3. I am optimistic about the search engine ranking, search engine is applied to the network marketing is divided into the following: 1 free login category; 2 the search engine optimization; 3 keyword advertising; 4 keyword ranking; 5 web content positioning advertising; 6 subscription catalogue;

      through these methods are not difficult to see, probably divided into two categories. One is web optimization, and two is login ranking. According to the above detailed introduction of concrete methods: how to optimize your website: a business or personal website on the Internet should be based on not only have a good website, the most important is the promotion, a good website not to see, it is rubbish. So we should make reasonable promotion, one of the key lies in the promotion of the search engine, for example: I entered the car in the word shlf1314, for example, we see that his visit is the FAW, a certain amount of large, so the visibility can be improved, on the site to volume with greatly.

      the sea almost all can take are brought out, the only single system, there are many linktech shadow: smart link, CPS lost the single room, shopping, these linktech features are able to see only in the league, especially the only alliance "to Edinburgh" website, just before linktech seen, and in August 28th to the Tao Tao web interface and shopping now is exactly the same, but also linktech links in the website see shlf1314 page cache.

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