Liu Chuanzhi Wang Shi from the start of talks on the subject of deathA race worse than a single dog


Abstract: there is a species that is not as good as a single dog. It is called "entrepreneur’s girlfriend"". "Life murder sin, this life is a vivid portrayal of the male vote their business. Take this year’s "men’s silent female tears" singles day, new bud NewSeed chatted with several beautiful women.

, when I was 40, I was five or six years older than I was, so it wasn’t a small partner, it was an old partner. Chen Jingrun one in our building, he is mathematics, I was the calculation, computing and mathematics all what different, mathematics is the foundation of science, he is out of something that was to write a report literature said, what is the use of the Gerd Bach conjecture, finally say priceless, priceless worth?. What do technical research, done things aside, it can not be copied, it can not produce, do it again, and then awards, write papers, indicating how well the international level with far worse, then what China first, and then awards, then there is Laogan this live. There were people saying, do the atomic bomb as selling tea, we are doing this type of thing the atomic bomb, actually to the community to do what few people think so, my companion did not think so, but I think my wife is also opposed. I really think so. In the end I do this thing, I just feel the famine. My main motivation, improve the living accounted for 20%, 80% want to know exactly what to do, I think that in 40 years ago, 40 years before the day was useless, Biede shortage, what thing does not seem to do things a little help to the community, see yourself in the end what this thing. What is the value of life.

want to finance every day, life become idiot,

girl was there ten thousand mud horse gallop across especially what you are teasing me. But bud sister think, so witty Boy is also poineering material, not to mention, there is a funny force of male votes in the side, even if can not buy, buy, buy, also poor happy



double 11 approaching, Lily joked: boyfriend: "my shopping cart" empty". The result of the response was to remove your shopping cart key and make you out of sight,

Liu Chuanzhi and Wang Shi, over the past 30 years Chinese is the most famous and iconic entrepreneurs, business leaders when these two sit together, they talked about the business, talking about work, talk about life, talk about the future, even death.

has been in love for four years, and one of the most frequently spoken words by her boyfriend, Ben, is: "dear, can you return to the world for a while?"


goose, if she’s willing to pay for you, cherish it. At least in her heart, you still have a sense of presence. Didn’t you hear that there’s a species that is not as good as a single dog? It’s called "entrepreneur’s girlfriend."". "Life murder sin, this life is a vivid portrayal of the male vote their business.

Ma Yun dad is probably the enemy of all the poor, start-up dogs today. A woman behind him on, that is your female ticket, presumably soon put on hands and feet chopped your light!

to Shenzhen in 1983, business was in a department of state-owned company to do the feed business, to go with the flow after 1984, the founder of China Vanke, in 1984, that is what comes naturally, because I’m on my experience, or create more million families before 1983 as feed business, now in terms of memory also, can be used to describe the thrilling, but the answer to why it was considered the sea was apparently still affected by the Hongkong?. Since 1982, 1980, after I graduated from university in 1977 to do the project in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Railway Bureau, in fact, the project is in Shenzhen, was the border town, you can see the Hongkong TV, can see the train returning compatriots in Hongkong, with a few large, obviously feel the life gap is very large, not yearning yearning the construction of our company? Yearning, every morning a little.


! business !Some of the listed companies by

company can’t make money, Ben wants to finance, want to burst head, every day with boa said is today see several cattle >


Liu Chuanzhi: 80% is useless because the

@ LilyWang, love for three months, boyfriend engaged in the VR industry

Wang Shi: then go to Shenzhen entrepreneurship, just like during the war of resistance to Yanan


to take this year’s "silent female tears" singles day, new bud NewSeed chatted with several beautiful women, their boyfriend or ex boyfriend is entrepreneur. Too many people laugh and cry stories, listen to how they Tucao

about entrepreneurship

Abstract Liu Chuanzhi hopes that Legend Holdings will be listed on 2015, and Wang Shi wants to climb Mount Everest again at the age of 72.

@ boa, love four years, the end of the relationship, the former boyfriend entrepreneurship game project

with entrepreneurs in love, in the end how tangled, hard, forced, and more lonely intolerable?

Lily’s boyfriend three months ago, in order to put the family business development and expansion of the chain of optical shops, with "VR+ glasses" entrepreneurial projects.

other people’s boyfriends are taking advantage of the double 11 opportunity to please younger sister. To the entrepreneur here, minutes even if you want to change the rhythm!


let him buy, buy, buy, but my shopping cart "a key to clear"


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