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, I’ve been comparing this for more than 20 years. I think I really love Shanghai and I love Shanghai because my best youth is in Shanghai. Second, I think Shanghai makes my life changed when I was in college, graduated from Fudan, then president, he said at the time, a good state and good society, it is to give young people the most opportunities for the country.

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so at that time, the Fudan University teachers did give up such a position, I think still need to have a lot of family, so that my choice is not the decision to tell my parents that I do, just do it although it. What happened? Well, of course, the facts proved good. So I think the opportunity is actually a kind of thing that requires you to make a firm decision at the right time and place. The second thing, I think we need to be tough. In fact, Fosun was not we had found a what direction, for example we do market research, so we have to do it, but the long-term market investigation and stick to it, but it’s not a story. When we got up, we did all the money we wanted to make, but after six months we chose to say, "no, we still have to go the other way.". I think it is, if you choose the venture, choose one thing, you should be tough enough to convince himself to persevere, to find the road so far, all of the young people of Shanghai, if you want to give you the opportunity to seize the Shanghai.

on the big screen PPT, cheers and applause to the audience, accompanied by the stage lighting effects, looking radiant stars onto the stage in turn, published in 3 minutes or wit or sincere speech, you may feel in a ceremony of the scene.

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this is a well-known Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups · founder David Dave McClure; spend to effect, in order to make entrepreneurs relax, he even wearing masks to host, brought the house down. Mountain view, San Francisco, New York, the science and technology and venture capital industry around more than 20 years old people in Silicon Valley with a group of young entrepreneurs, investors to show young entrepreneurial dreams, persuade them to participate in achievement under a pioneering miracle.

, Sina Technology, Jun Jun, from the Silicon Valley,

Demo Day is the most important day for every incubator. After months of incubation training, entrepreneurs are confidently attending the graduation ceremony, standing on their stage, introducing their own venture projects to many investors on the platform, hoping to get financial support. No matter how the project development, at least entrepreneurs seem confident, after the relevant training so that they face the audience with no fear. Their PPT simple and funny, jeans and T-shirt spend Silicon Valley IT men play also became their object.

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Demo Day is to create a communication opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, so that investors can see the potential of the entrepreneurial team. Therefore, in the entire event, in addition to the stage show time, investors, entrepreneurs and the media have sufficient time to face to face communication. Venture capitalists include DST, shlf1314, VC, Intel capital, Accel, Partner and other Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.

I think the same applies to Shanghai, a good city, it must be the most opportunity for young people in the city, I think Shanghai is such a city. I also have a lot of young friends, often to discuss some of the topics, I often hear the complaint, or that he has a wonderful dream, but now too late to do, because there are too many big competitors have already ran in front, I want to say, the opportunity is always there in fact indeed, no more and no less, the key to see how you treat it, so there are few sayings I think can be used to share with you, saying, if you really feel the fate of you shut the door, then I think you should at least try to push. Maybe this is not a bolt plug. From my own more than 20 years of experience, I think I quite agree with these words.

has passed the age of 40 The spend in the blog confesses his voice: "I still work hard, still belief hard, may help others accomplish great things". His intention to start 500 Startups two years ago was to incubate 500 start-up companies, a goal that has now achieved almost 1/3. Unlike other incubators, 500 Startups does not accept start-up company applications and only accepts entrepreneurial teams recommended by partners in countries around the world.


twenty-one years ago, we started with one hundred thousand bucks, and now we have fifty-eight billion of net worth. We look back and see where the win is. I think the first one, when the opportunity beckons to us, I really did not hesitate, and I made the decision decisively.

500 Startups founder David · wearing masks to spend; shuabao host Demo Day


I’m a new Shanghai man. I’m from Zhejiang. My hometown is a small town, from my home to Shanghai, I remember all the time to thirteen hours, so I feel so far away.

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