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said that if Hocking and musk is the human future long-term development concerns based on domestic, so advocates actually make irresponsible remarks, curry favour by claptrap. This argument has been in the industrial age, and now back again. Yes, robots and artificial intelligence will replace some people’s jobs, but robots >


Abstract: "TMD is the next generation?" I said, don’t pull, TMD will not give them the same investment as Williams transfusion, these enterprises immediately "vegetable"; oh no, is it not is a vegetable? Do what in recent years has created new value

July 28, 2010 data

don’t say this is the future trend of real air – artificial intelligence is of course, but if only 50 years later, you can stick to? Intelligent hardware, AR/VR is the future trend, now is not the same as the

: sh419 Wangmeng to promote cooperation to show the amount of clicks to 13391 37 hits 0.27% revenue of 6.69

fell silent?

2010 07, 2010 to 22, 07, 27, data summary


gaming alliance alliance, is a subsidiary of 4399, the biggest advantage is not worry about default Commission, recreation now has CPA Registration, CPM POP, registered a price is 1.2 yuan, pop is 4.5 yuan /1000IP, relative to peers not high commission, but for the webmaster, secure everything;

hits the ridiculously low price, is also not flattery, but it is beneficial to the website to obtain a good ranking, the sh419 advertising alliance, no matter what boss will give the point of care, this year who want to have a boss to cover it;


how does artificial intelligence conquer humans?

from the figures, at a glance, then my advice is: the game station you can take sh419 to do some appropriate adjustments to the alliance with shlf1314 advertising, let the game show advertising alliance CPA frequency more, so that your flow to achieve maximum profits of

watched the news a few days ago and said artificial intelligence helped solve the crime. There are bright eyed readers in the background message said, with big data to say, with big data, have to gather hot spots, say what, for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is only a very early stage, if this outlet has gone through, like the beginning of the O2O tuyere, and a lot of enterprises coming up near the wind are also buried.

game station is not good to earn, because generally lower shlf1314 alliance price and click rate, now and in the past compared to income has shrunk nearly 30%, a few games at least I do stand is so, but there are not afraid of money flow, change may have new hope;

1, can not say big data as artificial intelligence,

wake up! Even if the spotlight is now focusing on your body, not what good egg! Even if you have a fire, and got LP money or melt into the capital, is not what good! Because you say now can afford what Deliberation — fortunately this time the new media and readers do not bother to study what. But when people are lazy to do what they do, you get only false prosperity.

artificial intelligence is more powerful than human beings, how many people will be unemployed by artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence will destroy human beings……

play league CPA Revenue: $4.2

play league CPA Revenue: $15.6

Here I recommend recreation

please indicate: www.popoflash game bubble feeds

say the game station is more suitable for the CPA League? Here’s one of my stations, www.popoflash, sh419 League, and entertainment League revenues to make a comparison shlf1314 League here is not cited:


Why does

to predict the future is the most do nothing, anyway, even if wrong, others can not flip old haunt you. But it is also a matter of consuming character. Much said, someone will look back, who is more reliable?. If you really want to be a something, you have to take care of your feathers.


now more alliances, such as milk wool, generally select a few well-known as good, too many disadvantages to the content construction, sh419, shlf1314 is the first choice;

2, can not hype artificial intelligence kill humans,

, as you all know, these things are so far away.

shlf1314 although to our webmaster Commission has down, but in the peer is still the most fair, most fair, but also by the webmaster respect of the League boss;

: sh419 Wangmeng to promote cooperation to show the amount of clicks to 2128 5 hits 0.23% revenue of 0.83

as you all know, real AI technology development is still in the early stages.

, however, you must pretend not to know, and call yourself a pioneer of artificial intelligence and a prophet of artificial intelligence. Investors speak as if they have voted for the next generation of BAT; entrepreneurs say that their robots will soon replace humans.

Although sh419 !

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