How did the 3 team KeepSafe get 6 million users without spending moneyA strong entrepreneurial team

270 thousand gave 5 star praise, accident or inevitable

joined the start-up company for more than a year, the biggest feeling is: no matter how good the individual must be integrated into a suitable team, to achieve maximum value; no matter how many outstanding individuals, must be the same direction, consensus, understand cooperation, into a strong team, have the opportunity to succeed.


because I went to the meeting place in advance, see the company’s three generals are street skateboarding, the carefree and content kind of envy. Philipp Berner, a Bavaria native with blond hair and shoulders, is a co-founder and KeepSafe of CTO, a slightly restrained but confident engineer of what he does. He met another co-founder and CEO Zouhair Belkoura 1 and a half years ago, shortly before KeepSafe was created. At that time, Zouhair was the product manager of a company and used to shoot down content written on the whiteboard, Philipp said. A Saturday night two people together to drink beer, Zouhair picked up the mobile phone over photos to Philipp to work, who accidentally slipped, pulls out in front of Philipp work outside private photos. Two people laugh at each other to defuse the embarrassment, but also let Zouhair have to do a software to avoid similar embarrassment occurred again ideas. He acted first, in August last year, KeepSafe initially made, and placed in the Android application store, stocking". I did not expect less than 3 months, 1 million 500 thousand of users like spring grass like their long out! Zouhair quickly realized the potential of the products, in January of this year officially launched KeepSafe software company, and got the Asset Mnagement and Kii Capital70 million dollars in investment. Philipp and another engineer responsible for iOS application development, Scott, then joined the team. So far, they are still only 3 teams, working for 6 million users.

believes that there are a lot of people including myself have encountered such embarrassing: friends said look at your mobile phone, the mobile phone has not been allowed through the album, then you will always be a little nervous or embarrassed, because of who the mobile phone not so one or two because all kinds of reasons need to have privacy photos so? And I myself have tried to find the application can solve this awkward, but in a trial it was very difficult for after they give up. But some time ago there was a chance in San Francisco met the founder of KeepSafe, they learned that in a year’s time to harvest the 6 million users, and spend a penny on marketing promotion from no, I can’t wait to download the app and founder met alone chatted about the story behind KeepSafe.


fully agreed on the basis of the 35 core members of

at least for the time being, almost all successful startup teams have 35 cores

this is the best prerequisite for polishing an excellent team. The key is how to understand the "strong" of these three words. I think that "strong" needs the following elements: courage and determination, selfless, play…… However, courage is the first and the most valuable mental quality of a qualified Leader in my mind. Any team will continue to face new goals, challenges, especially in start-up companies, very few people can see the future, find a truly sustainable profit point. In the face of such great uncertainty, other members, including Leader itself, will inevitably hesitate, struggle, and hesitate. So as leader must be brave enough, critical moment can stand out to break the deadlock, a voice shouted: do it! Brave then outrightly, toward the goal without wavering, will perform in place.

the following is the full text:

, a powerful Leader

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this time, I’ve been thinking about how to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, whether at the corporate level, at the departmental level, or at the project level. The reality is that the company doesn’t lack the direction and the opportunities, and what’s missing is a good team that can turn the vision into reality. How to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, combined with work experience, I have the following thoughts.

3 months, "out of range" out of 1 million 500 thousand users



the author of this article is ho he of the island of zheng. The article thinks, must encourage on the wrong things, some similar discussion attitude: this will be better better? If you remove the A function, will affect the overall? If there is no B, the user experience will be how? In a word, should take the lead in fostering positive constructive internal atmosphere, especially the discussion atmosphere. Now a lot of things Chinese Affirmative the debate may emphasize is not a thing, it will not discuss it further.

maybe someone would say, if you choose the wrong one, what’s wrong? It’s nothing to choose the wrong one. In accordance with the average life span of 2~3 years of domestic private enterprises, 6% of the Internet start-ups business realizable capacity, the vast majority of entrepreneurs starting out of the moment, nothing more than a choice of death. It’s a bit of a loss, but success is really accidental. In addition, a qualified Leader also need selfless and play, know that the team is responsible for the biggest responsibility for the company.

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