How do the chain webmaster in 2012

1 and Alexa

don’t see so much online favorites, useful, high weights, small spider love, is so few.

not included station, only lazy webmaster dead. If you are not hard-working, you don’t deserve to be included.

felt so, as a suffering Baidu by the owners, are not allowed to bully us Baidu novice webmaster, this is an old webmaster responsibility, hereby "fast included law" "the chain skills" released veteran seen traces, novice to analysis.


3, ask

webmaster colleagues do not have such a feeling? 09 years before the second half of the year, out of a chain like playing, then people Baidu began to deal with repeated outside the chain, slowly, the forum, the community can send the chain plate disappeared, not to the level does not allow URL, more restrictions more, until 2011, a chain with the rooster lay eggs, hold out a.

network favoritesThe best

, a website tips of "fast included Dafa" + "chain techniques"

favorites have garbage, fast included, are we looking for the best

QQ 贵族宝贝shuqian.qq贵族宝贝

said, fun


time into 2011, Baidu algorithm after adjustment, also more and more standardized, but do the Webmaster Station on the flow of love, is not a small blow, all kinds of websites, including the SNS community, industry sites, portals, search engines are in the "user experience", originally flying ads disappeared, everywhere advertising induced less, for ordinary users, this is an occasion for us, this is a fucking 2012 broken thing.

love Shanghai search "Alexa query", there are many sites offer this type of query, each query, it generates a cache page of this website, it is easy to be Baidu small spiders catch

know 贵族宝贝zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝

love Shanghai


Answer: 贵族宝贝wenda.tia>

net 贵族宝贝wang1314贵族宝贝

SOSO ask 贵族宝贝wenwen.soso贵族宝贝

love Shanghai collection 贵族宝贝cang.baidu贵族宝贝

query bookmarks music collection

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