Analysis of the causes for the slow speed of the site open and Countermeasures

it is also including your references to other web sites, pictures, audio and video files, but also includes all the contents of the other sites you quoted. If the direct reference to what other sites on the page, and the site of the slow, or.

JavaScript is also more than the slow speed, and the important thing is that most people use it do not know how it is written, just copied from other station by the way, in the process of circulation, there will be a lost part of the code, the results of your copy may be wrong or over incomplete code, this leads you to the website; and if there is a practical joke people disguised as malicious code specific code to you, and you don’t understand, copy to the site, then not only when you open your site will suffer, others open your site is also likely to become the victim.

many users do love flash animation, in their own home station songs, or television broadcast, live like movie. In fact, this will make your page open speed is slow. Although flash can download while playing side, but often because of the reason of the network, can not be successfully downloaded, the results of your page will wait for download, but can not be successfully completed. Movie TV live worse, they generally go through a short time like to download buffer and began to play, if the network is not good enough to download and play. It is recommended that you use less and less use of large flash television broadcast (preferably not).

so, the proposal must use less JavaScript effects (within three effects), or certainly harmful to your website. If you want to use it to choose the specific code relatively safe, to better site to copy, not to the mixed station.

you two reasons, on the page with the untreated big picture.

image after processing, can make the number of bytes to become smaller, otherwise many pictures will begin to occupy a lot of space and make the site open speed is very slow. Available Photoshop, fireworks mapping software will reduce the size of the picture.

reason, you use a lot of JavaScript effects.

four reasons, too many references to other web content

For example, Flash or

mouse effects ah, on the page section of the status bar effects, special effects, etc.. The principle of these effects is first downloaded from the server to your local machine, and then running on your local machine, and then you can see the. Special effects do more, will run most of the day can be completed in your local machine, and if your machine configuration in general, then more slowly, even if all the effects are completed, your page will be also very uncomfortable.

video files on your page, three.

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