Love is not difficult to do a good job in Shanghai the second included the following work

first, essential high quality original content. But here said the second content is mainly refers to the high quality content, now with the rise of love Shanghai intelligence, if you through a simple reprint or collect like these have been flooding in Internet content, also can be love Shanghai for the second, it is clearly unthinkable. Want to do website content seconds, the premise is to make high quality content. But if the structure of your site is very poor, and it is a new web site, even if it is a high quality content, but also can not realize seconds, so also need to carry out the next step of work.

third, increase the chain construction site. The construction of the chain is a narrow concept, mainly refers to the chain through a well-known website construction site, instead of on the Internet leave your website address on the line, in the well-known websites is to leave the chain, often need.

!Of course, this

seconds or the concept of a relative, not just released will be included, usually as long as we can achieve included within a few minutes, which is actually a second. Here is a simple description of the second charge.

second, adhere to optimize. From the point of view of future website operation level, it is actually a long process, but want to achieve high quality content seconds, this to a period of time can do. Because I love Shanghai evaluation of the weights of the website is realized through the stage, is continuously updated when you high quality website after a period of time, Shanghai will love you in the sandbox security site were observed, if it is found that the website is in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization refers to the South to do so in a few days you can take it out of the sandbox, the website weight will increase. Then according to the form of continuous cycle, so as to give a higher weight to the site.

of course, more to the back, the website weight rise difficulty will be greater, not only need you keep updating website content, but also need to enhance the visibility of the site, which is to increase the construction site publicity, this needs through a large number of the chain, although the weight of the foreign chain requirements began to love Shanghai pale, but for the website brand publicity, still has a very important significance. And your brand is higher, the website content is seconds becomes logical. So we need the following work.

now do search engine optimization is the most important thing is to increase the content of the website included, because only the content included the more possible in the search engine results have more opportunities in the page display. But because of love for Shanghai website content audit rigor began to increase, coupled with the traditional optimization methods affected to varying degrees, which for many webmaster, want to realize the love Shanghai seconds, difficulty is greater. But since the love of Shanghai can provide such a function, as long as people spend a good mind to optimize, or to be able to do this a little

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