How to improve the conversion rate of the website [share] case

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I peer up to do seven years, the domain name age 7 years, 14 thousand of the number of the chain, the site of the station optimization, (such as the third party platform coverage) station optimization is done perfectly, then my heart to think, peers have done so for many years, even walking for 7 years the time to go a long way, if I still use the old optimization method how can I more and more he always ranked in the rankings, behind him, if you want to catch up with it, I must be in a special way. I watched the peer website at that time, I found his website done more chaos, whether it is pictures or text. The idea of the heart, my site must be simple, concise, simple, authenticity.

took over when the site is a new sites, not what my behind optimization professional team, nor what to write articles, pictures, I would like the station. How to upload pictures, video, network managers are taught. See the white is how to overcome the gray wolf

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content in the company to stay long, about one or two of the company’s products, one day, I received a customer in the website, he suddenly told me that there is a wine product labeling equipment? Second days, and then a customer, the customer that you have a glass bottle labeling machine? Has received several customers are asked me. I think about my update method is not wrong, have been updated products, product pictures, purpose, principle, advantages, our competitors are doing so, do I have to do. Then give yourself a role, if I were wine customers, I should be in the site inside to see on the wine label of the article, if not, I want to go directly off the site. Later I joined the red "in the product introduction article

1, the site layout beyond

everyone! Today is to share the website how to improve the conversion rate, also will learn this time things to share with you. First, and we talk about my work environment, where I am right now, there are about 30 people, do is machinery products, Department of product labeling machine named my boss is belong to the marketing department manager is the boss. Every day I have to do a lot of things, such as video, video production, reception, reception, website optimization, website customer service, the company recruitment, occasionally also care about the office Huahuacaocao, a person is busy, friends call me "the female man". Not every time the website optimization, website – not an article is done in a day, are writing went to do other, then come back and write. Now I was so busy every day, every day I can receive a customer contact (do not pay any promotion), when more than 4 customers can receive a day contact, our equipment price is 1-10 million dollars a month down, looking at the site, or quite valuable. How do I do it?

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