4 simple tips to reduce the rate of jump out

, the bounce rate is one that will never leave the development and search engine optimization and independent professional scratching problems. So, how do you let the tourists leave and not leaving your website today? I will talk to you about, our website is how to reduce the rate of jump out of me.

a visitor or not should not wait for a slow loading page. The study found that 33% of broadband users are not willing to wait for the load of a web page for more than four seconds without feedback. Visitors get frustrated. Moreover, the speed is also an important factor to influence ranking. With the connection speed, time will also increase the amount of visitors. This is why it is an important guarantee to reduce the rate of jump out. We should try to ensure that no more JavaScript, as far as possible to optimize your images as much as possible to ensure that your code neat, all browsers are compatible.

Keep it simple:

my advice is simple. Keep relevant title. Not only the keyword title and description, and hope that you will entice people to your site. If a website is relevant, carefully designed, so what you do will guide the user to go farther, longer residence time. In order to obtain the final conversion.

2, improve the load time:



1, provide relevant content:

is the same with your website. Some developers are keen to get visitors to their website, they use the title of the page, we now refer to them as "the title of the party" which may be attractive, may get their ranking in love Shanghai, and enhance the Google rankings, but in reality is a general overview of the content on the website, and even some just "mobile phone".

HTML 5 with the emergence and popularity of jQuery, it is very easy for developers to create the ultimate user interface". Like most good things, you should enjoy moderate. The daily Internet users will have a specific mental model and a website’s expectations. For example, they want to see a top or left navigation. The logo will be on the left head, they would expect in a specific area of content. Once this is expected to not meet the requirements, the user is confused with each other. There is a reason for the standard layout, they have been tried and tested, and has withstood the test of time. This is not broken, so there is no need to solve it. The same applies to.

if you buy a new pair of shoes, see a beautiful shop, saw his mind want to buy shoes, then you will be very happy, even after you buy in the eyes of the shoes, you need to watch, see if there are other people for their own home or shoes. But when you suddenly find that they are selling mobile phone through the door? Then I think you will immediately turn left (most likely never to return).

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