Love in search of Shanghai issued Skynet algorithm to crack down on theft of user information behavi

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user experience on the website itself is very important, pay attention to revenue and traffic, do not pay attention to the user experience of the website now has no market, by destroying the behavior of the user experience to enhance sales is not desirable. According to the survey, the majority of Internet users is to steal user privacy, face harassment marketing will instinctively alert to marketing personnel, and will refuse to sell. In addition to the laws of the country also has the relevant provisions, and shall not be sold or illegally providing personal information of citizens; theft, illegal access to personal information of citizens, this behavior will be punished by law.

recently, love Shanghai web search found part of the site is to steal user privacy, mainly for the "embedded malicious code, steal users for QQ number, contact telephone number. Many users mistakenly think that this is love for Shanghai. To this end, Shanghai love web search and love Shanghai security joint research and development of "Webgather algorithm" to crack down on the site to steal user information behavior. Those who love in the validation of the Shanghai Webmaster Platform website, will be punished if received a message alert, hope to have to steal user privacy behavior site please rectification as soon as possible, to reach the standard of review strategy can relieve punishment.

in fact, love Shanghai introduced a series of search algorithms in recent years to prevent the destruction of the behavior of the user experience, such as: ice bucket algorithm 1, 2, 2, 1; Scindapsus algorithm pomegranate algorithm, to cheat download, false advertising, false commercial soft, low quality page site made the punishment and behavior supervise the rectification, after long algorithm update, mobile Internet web page of low quality is reduced by 60%, but Shanghai is still in search of love to spare no effort to further lower the index, giving users a better search experience. ;.

finally, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform appealed to the site to work together to purify the Internet environment, so that users can have a better search experience.

, a website, the website related to the company will be able to know my QQ number, contact telephone number, customers take the initiative to contact me soon, this behind the seemingly convenient function is user privacy very thin Si fear of the situation. How can these users are not allowed to prohibit crawling? Users for their privacy, how much is up to


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