Now look at the relation between search engine and users from the 3B war

disappointed? ?

Qihoo 360 Shanghai grab love search engine market war, has risen to a climax, the common goal is: to snatch Chinese search engine market, finally snatch users. Obviously, 3B war is bound to all the search engines will be involved, Sogou search engine, has been described. So, Google will intervene? SOSO will come to share? What users eventually trust what search engine is in love with the sea, with, or 360 footing, and perhaps Google has resigned, or SOSO to take this opportunity to expand? As everyone knows, love Shanghai, Google, SOSO, Sogou search four the engine has China search engine market share share of melon completely, so what is Google, SOSO, Sogou search engine with three love Shanghai crackdown 360, or Google, SOSO, Sogou joint 360 grab Shanghai’s "love mouth meat"

3, practicality: search engine for users, want to be in the search engine search results, get the things they want, rather than overwhelming advertising or other meaningless results. How, if the user wants to get the result is a horse, but the donkey, whether the user is

type: 2, comprehensive search engine based on user, is like a book, not only as a "one hundred thousand why" of the book, but a "encyclopedia". The user search engines, not only in order to find the answer to the question, but also want to find a can bring benefits to their own things. So, if the "Encyclopedia", which includes almost "readers" to find the content, the reader will read this book at any time.

1, convenience: love Shanghai has a slogan – "love Shanghai, You’ll see.", this word almost everyone will read. For many users, are falling in love with love Haicha data. This is the convenience of the importance, if the user can always find their answers in a search engine, then he will be on the search engine to generate a sense of trust, and even a sense of dependence. In the course of time, this behavior has become a habit, the habit of love he open search engine to search information.


said no not early, then the search engine for what is for what? Is the user, use the search engine users, so it will have advertisers and cooperation, enterprises will have to find it, do the bidding. So, what kind of search engine is a good search engine users in the end? What kind of search engines like

4: profitability, this is the key, is also the search engines want to compete for something. As I said above, the search engine competition, the two word is "interest". Search engine advertising to merchants in it, businesses want to obtain greater benefits through advertising, and want to occupy a space for one person in Shanghai dragon Er below them. I often received a >

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