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wants to draw attention to is: only 25% of the Kickstarter game project is successful, why Seattle company so successful, we can see some Ni end:

these are:

and I wrote an article, do a review in 2014 31 of the time, I think that a few questions, before a thing success we really need experienced many failures, before a burst of bamboo, how many roots, when a person wants to change their fate, in the end there is no possible. Almost 15 months ago, I just got out of sh419 and we started a business together. Initial establishment of the company, our business has not been concerned about the market, our account has basically bottomed out, when we face the problem, next month’s rent has been handed to the team can not afford, only a few people, but the meal has become a very big problem. So this time I feel very confused, as a 24 year old CEO, I think the state of this state is only helpless and hopeless.

over the past few months, more than 5 Kickstarter financing projects from the Seattle game company received $three million and five hundred thousand in support. By contrast, the total VC investment in the gaming industry in the Seattle region is $ten million, so the amount of fund-raising received from developers has reached 35% of VC’s fund-raising.

Two days ago

due to the recent paper from smart watches Pebble successful financing of more than $10 million behind too successful that they had to shut down to receive new orders to ensure to meet before the supporters of the order and Amadnda Palmer, raising more than $1 million to the Double Fine music project, Adventure games to raise $3 million, all offering has been officially broke out, has become a new form of traditional channels for funds abroad.

introduction: how many failures does one need before success? In fact, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that success takes only one time.


in the process of entrepreneurship in fact, we may have many times, many times of doubt, why do you do this thing, because you seem to have experienced a year, two years, three years, and did not get what, no access to financial freedom, or do not have a better life, every day, every weekend you may be very hard, so many times we wonder why we should do this business, why do you want to fight with fate, then why not to return to the Zhongguancun office to do an ordinary white-collar workers, to live a life of ordinary people, why should stick to their dreams? So may in fact regardless of any person, is when you encounter such a huge question or encounter difficulties, we may be very easy to fall into the abyss of feeling helpless.

and then I began to think about it. My whole person became very quiet, unwilling to communicate with the outside world, and even didn’t want to communicate with my team too much. I have been repeatedly asked myself why I want to start, why to do this thing, why insist? When we first resign, probably with a cavity blood, two bottles of beer came out, but when I >

, the entrepreneurs in my communications, have felt the change in smell in the air, especially for the people in the consumer market, the taste of money. "Kickstarter," they whispered".


almost at the same time, one day I suddenly indirectly to a telephone, is the two closest to my family suddenly ill, I only heard over the phone and said to me, I hope you can go home, I feel that the whole world will collapse at that time. When you hear the news that moment, you feel like the whole world suddenly congealed, ear kept buzzing, that moment I want to go home, rushed to the station to take the high-speed rail to Xi’an, found that I don’t have 510 dollars to buy high-speed rail tickets. This time, I started to cry hysterically, like a child, when you cry, exhausted, the most authentic emotion, I think that time special heartache.

in many ways, Seattle’s gaming company has become the bellwether of high fundraising companies.

both the existence of intellectual property rights, the individual has a personal brand, a creative appearance, or to target customers to understand, to succeed in the public offering, the key is to understand what needs to be done to drive consumer action fundamentally. How do you use examples to show consumers that you’re the reliable company that can deliver the product, instill your confidence as much as possible, and use a "no"?

, author of Jon Kimmich, Software Illuminati of CEO, is also editor of the book "congregation raised Bible". The public offering also need to brand? The congregation raised also need to import traffic to public offering? Customer service to spend so much energy? Grass root entrepreneurship is easy, the KS waiting for holding money home? But the author tells us that in fact any success has a story, a small probability of accident. But in the end, go back to normal business laws. For a large number of tech projects in Mao’s country, there is no success or enthusiasm. We can learn something from these successful factors.

large sums of money have been prepared, and consumers are desperate to buy "the next big thing" – it hasn’t been made yet.

1. recognizes that public offerings are essentially a consumer market practice, so brands and vision are very important.

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