From the history of the development of links to teach you how to judge the quality of the chain

1997 Robin Li, founder of love Shanghai "patent application system and method of hyperlink document retrieval. Since then, the number of super chain began to become one of the factors affecting the search engine ranking. Here is the anchor text hyperlink, we commonly known as the "Shanghai dragon ER". The anchor text links to the influence of the rankings, is the main web page ranking based on not completely see themselves how to say, but to other pages to give evidence. That is to say, a web page ranking, should have more anchor text links to other web pages to show his true value. Here, I believe that all the Shanghai dragon ER should understand why the chain to do the anchor text chain? Here, but also explain the search engine for the statistical method of the anchor text of the chain. When YAHOO trans inquires the system no longer reflect, many Shanghai dragon ER feel the anchor text search engine for the number of web pages has been unable to statistics. In fact, each search engine has its own library for the statistical number of anchor text, rather than through the chain of YAHOO data statistics. Also, YAHOO reflected in the chain number, it is only a part of the website chain number, the data is not true. So, I hope all the Shanghai dragon ER can understand, although you release the anchor text chain can not query, but each search engine can still very accurate statistics to.

Google founder Larry Peggy based on link principle, the creation of PR (pageRank) algorithm. PR is simply means a page for links number, the higher the page level. It is not difficult to see here, PR is just the number of links to a page are calculated, there is no direct relationship with the content of the page. Many Shanghai dragon ER often the cow, the user experience is good, what the original high bounce rate low, can improve the PR value? These are calculated with the method of PR Never mind, so with the PR value also Never mind. PR is a web page for a link of the relationship, that is to say the higher the number of "PR" link level, your PR page is also higher.

2001 by Krishna Baharat of the Hilltop algorithm, and apply for a patent. The Hilltop algorithm can be understood as associated with a web page of the PR value. We all know that the PR value is only a web link, to calculate the link. The Hilltop algorithm is mainly composed of numerical web link relations specific keywords and theme, alone as one of the assessment criteria ranking calculation. We imagine.


"content is king, the link is emperor" the proverb, Stella believes all Shanghai dragon ER can understand. For the content, I believe that very few people can not understand search engines love fresh food simple principle. The link for the emperor, the feel a full understanding of the relatively small number of Shanghai dragon ER. Today, the will together with you by the history link analysis, the high quality of the chain should have the condition.

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