Confused because we will over Shanghai dragon apotheosis

it is never too late to learn, there are three points to learn. This sentence is all right, because that day every webmaster from the line on the website is called Dragon and Shanghai on the strength, the article with keywords, outside the chain of attention to relevance, every action we are focus on the Shanghai dragon, but no matter what we do, we are not close to the point of God do not let yourself, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology rise to an ideal state, and the update event 6, the two month of the 7 is so many owners more confused about the Shanghai dragon, even at a loss.

a month, adhere to the original, it has not been included in


yes, we are the grassroots webmaster, for Shanghai dragon website optimization technology are also know some fur, no profound things, for the love of Shanghai a series of behavior subject to changing moods also helpless, but these things obviously not confused the simple generalization, no ranking, do not do business, the old how is the brand development, Shanghai has no love flow, that love Shanghai not master all website reins, so why Taobao shielding love Shanghai? The problems only proved a point, that is just an excuse we lost.

the Shanghai dragon in the end do not reliable, in accordance with the basic method of why the website optimization will be plucked

every time when the mass update comes, we can always in the webmaster forum or QQ exchange group to find such complaints, but these complaints are regarded as "confused webmaster gorgeous".


said K station K station, ranking no, my website how to operate

There are some of my friends said that now the Shanghai dragon has come to an end before

Shanghai dragon seems to be a dead end, in fact, the diversification of brand building is the key to

, and then to rely on search traffic to love Shanghai will let oneself after more uncertainty, so we should learn to hype austria. In fact, this sentence of the first half of the sentence, I agree, but for the hype I beg to differ, although I do not know the author’s speculation in the eyes of micro-blog marketing or "gossip fake", I feel that this idea of the stationmaster deviate from the fundamental website development, that is the brand. In the absence of the Internet in the past, Haier, Ouyang, Lin textile, textile and so on time-honored still developed, they rely on what is right, is the brand, reputation. When the number of updates in the dawn of love Shanghai, when have the gun lying on the ground, all this is caused by two reasons. One is that these sites did not form their own stable user groups, not let each one came to your site users to feel the strength of the brand, the second is that we put the Shanghai dragon too deified, why to site as long as ranked first will be successful, but the ranking is in love with sea for you, give you the love of Shanghai traffic when all the basic development, grasp in the hands of others, "

… ?

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