Google’s PR value less valuable for friends of the chain can be ignored


PR can change Links reference is actually a pseudo proposition, because the love of Shanghai and not a Google search engine in China, fell in love with the sea accounted for the largest market share, now Google is even more than the sogou. Shanghai ranked sex friend in fact is also not necessary to refer to the Google PR value, in fact, Google ranking is not by this, so some new friends don’t change Links to see each other website PR value. Some time ago I often met in time for Links on such a problem, say what your site is not PR, in fact, generally as long as this is the case I will not explain, but my site is now PR, and new friends exchange up each other also ease some.

because some still see PR for Links friends have just started soon, little experience of friends are not taking PR as the reference. Especially now PR spread of age is more important, it seems Google for the less attention, audit standards are also more and more low, in fact, a reference standard for Links is most important for each website ranking, if your website ranking is good, the weight is obvious people should be a good website. Google PR worthless, Sogou Sogou value is not a climate, love Shanghai and not 360, is also not perfect, in fact, this time we want to go to a very intuitive to judge the quality of the site is really not easy.

in July when the release of the PR value, PR crazy. Just do some trash in a short period of time can be mixed to relatively good PR value, remember that when several websites in my hand tube are mixed to PR, the current general website up to PR4 is very simple, like some small sites PR5 became a threshold. I feel like this, I’ve done a lot of small sites, or mixed to PR4 is relatively simple, but it is very difficult to mix PR5. Estimated to be a certain size of the website can do, so if you are a natural PR5 obtained this site is good, more than PR5 site of PR is worthy of reference.

we need to analyze each website from multiple dimensions.

we all know that some time ago Google updates the PR value of the site, several websites I have benefited from the. Even the latest one to two months of new sites have soared to PR3, I was really feeling ah. Think about three years ago, is not easy to PR1, sometimes a website for two or three years, the website ranking index are quite good, but also how to mix the pr. At that time the PR value really is a most important reference index for millions of people Links, when I was with the others for Links if not a PR website can change to PR1 website is very excited, those who have the PR website for Links to coax cattle.

But since 2011 as

In fact,

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