For the special case of the regional differences in Shanghai love in search keywords

love Shanghai update, for individual webmaster is a few happy worry. In May 13th, Shanghai love update, Henan rise a few key words of this forum: Henan college, Henan college rankings or in second, basically not much ups and downs. However, a keyword as "a day to rise only this" single page but disappeared, some time ago, Shanghai has been ranked in love second or third, this update has appeared a strange phenomenon: I am in Henan city every day search friend upgraded in love no trace of the sea. In Shanghai and Xi’an friends search is still ranked second.

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keyword density, such as Henan college, Henan the word density. So, it will affect the keywords in different regions in Shanghai love ranking. But, I narrowed down to a single page this special case, the reason is more impossible.

since 09 years love Shanghai change algorithm, the regional key to adjust the depth of the largest. Use the keyword ranking of regional reason is nothing more than the following: 1, from the user’s point of view, the increase in the number of convenience. For example, search the weather forecast, the first is the corresponding information in your city, such information is more accurate and convenient. 2, from the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, taking into account the user experience and so on each aspect, more conducive to the webmaster do rankings. 3, from the Shanghai love their own interests, obviously, it can bring more benefits to love Shanghai.

The search of

for my personal station day upgraded (www.yuzsb贵族宝贝/tianyi/) the single page ranking is there such a big difference, I simply do the following analysis: because it is a single page content, since the launch, has not had a change, in addition to the treatment of bold and a few simple keyword. Nor did the chain etc.. Therefore, love Shanghai update, dropped what did not get excited over a little thing. But, because only appeared in Henan keywords the phenomenon of decline, so for this reason, the proportion is relatively small.

in different regions of different users, each region is search keywords the number of different user search habits are also different. Due to this keyword search volume in Henan’s largest, ranking and user experience is not proportional. In Xi’an and Shanghai in these areas, almost No one shows any interest in this keyword. The result is that only in Henan dropped.


analysis again, only third more likely reason. Therefore, I properly on the web page for a simple change, such as the size, the use of static HTML pages and pages, in addition, the appropriate day of the chain update. Wait for the next update love Shanghai. This article from the original www.henanzhaojiao贵族宝贝 station, please indicate the source

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