From the user Shanghai dragon two angle benchmark URL construction optimization details

static URL problem is always a concern, although sometimes we are forced to choose some dynamic URL, but only to chance I suggest you choose the static URL, although the dynamic effects of URL on the search engine is not great, but the static URL can effectively shorten the length of the address also, make a web site search engine can effectively avoid risk fall into the black hole. But when it comes to static URL, we must say that the parameters of the problem, because we all know that in order to accelerate the speed of the site visit we will.

From the perspective of the construction of Shanghai dragon


many people put too much attention on the optimization of the content and the chain, in fact, in the process of building a website optimization for URL address is also important, because whether it is from the Shanghai dragon optimization point of view, or from the user experience point of view, URL optimization is very important, a standard URL we will make the optimization process more smoothly, what should we pay attention to the details that the URL optimization in the actual operation process of

from the angle of the first to say that the length of the URL, this is one of the most direct beneficiaries of the problem, finally the user, change an angle to explain is a short URL address is more conducive to the user experience, although the search engine can identify less than 1000 letters of URL, but not it is too long for the URL address of a bit is not conducive to the spread, and according to the data, click the URL short rate is 3.5 times URL hits long, transmission rate is 6 times.

I mentioned above, webmaster friends to carry out the relevant description of the page directory, in addition we have as far as possible will your site keywords into the URL, like everyone in Shanghai love search in the search box "Shanghai dragon" training, many web sites appear in Shanghai Longfeng words, optimization of the the user can not only help, but please clear our spider, the theme of the site.

has been the focus of our website structure optimization, because in this well, the website optimization will achieve a multiplier effect, so from the point of view on the optimization of users, how should we carry out rational distribution of website structure. First of all, the website directory should be as few as possible, according to three clicks to the inside pages, we should have enough user experience, and in order to facilitate the identification, we’d better describe something down in the directory, like my web site "story" column, I use the /chuangyegushi/ display in URL for the user experience, is a very good promotion.




from users consider the requirements of URL Construction:

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